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Pin-Up Houses A-Frame Cabin Plans Dolores

A-Frame style houses are a relatively easy form of construction. They make an excellent do-it-yourself project. Pin-Up Houses has designed a plan for a 183 square foot tiny cabin or home.

The plans include step by step construction, with costs for materials coming in around $7,400. Once you understand the construction of the triangular A shape you then repeat it many times to get your final structure.

Pin-Up House shares a few photos of a Dolores under construction and I have included them here in this post.

The Tiny House Blog is an affiliate of Pin-Up Houses and get’s a percentage of the purchase of the plans if you choose to buy.

Dolores would make a great tiny home or cabin getaway.

Learn more here.

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David - January 30, 2023 Reply

Where would one order these plans for small A frame.?

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