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Making Your Tiny House You

Ben's Tiny House

One thing that draws many people to tiny house living is the appeal of working on a custom, small space. This allows for the option to design a home to fit your personal needs and wants.

In Ben Brown’s article, Hand Holds and Whiskey Shots, this custom option really comes to life. Brown designed his home to fit his passions: whiskey and climbing. He showcases his whiskey collection throughout his tiny house and if you look closer you can see his climbing holds throughout the house. Ben has made his tiny house a showcase that shows off his passions.

Therefore, if you love to cook, design your home around your kitchen. If crafting is your hobby or business create your home around your craft center. If you are a video producer or podcaster design around your sound or video studio. If you work from home design your home around your office.

Take this freedom and make your tiny house show off who you are.

Inside this issue you will find:

  • Young Couple Downsizes, Pays Off $125K Debt, Buys Home
  • Letter To The Editor – On The Level
  • Building vs. Rehabbing – Should You Build a Tiny Home or Buy an Older Small Home
  • Rightsizing
  • Making (it) Home
  • On The Cover – Perch & Nest Tiny House Farm
  • Be Kind – From A Two-Story House In The City To A 240 Sq.Ft. Tiny House
  • Light on the Land
  • 9 Ways to Improve Your Life Through Subtraction and the Science Behind It
  • Flashback Article – Tiny House Big Coconuts
  • From Katy, With Love
  • Novelty Or Reality
  • Hand Holds and Whiskey Shots
  • The Last Call – Korallus Tiny Homes

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A few pages from Tiny House Magazine Issue 103


Tiny House Magazine Issue 103 cover

In This Issue 103

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