Tiny House in a Landscape

the beach hut

Today’s Tiny House in a Landscape was submitted by Steven over at Tiny House Swoon. Entitled the Beach Hut. Here is what the owner has to say about the place.

Stay in this unique self-catering beach hut in North Cornwall and discover the simplicity of living in an area of outstanding natural beauty in a Cornish beach shack. Built in the 1920s, the Beach Hut exudes simple seaside chic; clapperboard exteriors and wooden floors combine in this characterful and cosy hideaway.

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virgil - May 24, 2013 Reply

At >$4k a week in peak season (based on GBP:USD exchange rates), you could build your own tiny house for the cost of a 2 week stay there!

R.McGinnis - May 26, 2013 Reply

I looks like the cottage in the BBC production of Austen’s book Sense and Sensibility. If the rate is > $4k per week (as the previous comments says), maybe that is why. It’s famous.


Jim - May 27, 2013 Reply

Nice landscape– where’s the house. A better sight would be “Biglandscape”.

Jason - May 27, 2013 Reply

That’s a beautiful location I must say. The house almost looks lost in there, which is probably what some of its charm is. I’m surprised there aren’t more homes in the area.

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