Tiny House Vacations

by Steven Harrell

Over the course of the past several years while running the Tiny House Listings website, I have came across countless tiny and small homes that aren’t for sale. However, they are for rent…short-term.

Since the Tiny House Listings website is exclusively for people or businesses that want to sell their tiny house or rent it long-term, it has been frustrating turning away so many folks that have made their small spaces available to others that are just passing through, are on vacation, or would just like to try the experience of living temporarily in a small space.

So I decided to create a website where owners of tiny and small spaces for short-term rent can list their short-term/vacation rental properties, all in one place, for free! TinyHouseVacations.com.

A restored Airstream that you can rent by the night in Santa Barbara, California. Click here to learn more here.

The Tiny House Vacations website features tiny spaces for rent throughout the world, so tiny destination vacations will be alot easier to find once the site matures and more rentals are added to the site.

A tiny house on wheels vacation rental in Olympia, Washington. Click to learn more here.

If you own a tiny or small space that is available for short-term rent, be sure to list it here.

Also, please be sure to follow The Tiny House Vacations Facebook Page to get updates. Thanks for reading!

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Deek - May 28, 2013 Reply

Great idea….when my future rental place is done, I’ll be sure to list it there….

    Steven - May 30, 2013 Reply

    Awesome Deek! I’m hoping to make the site more popular to help give tiny house rental owners more visibility!

Ann - June 1, 2013 Reply

Thank you for providing a website for rentals. I am exploring tiny houses and love the idea of being able to rent a place before purchasing and committing all out. Thank you.

KarenB - June 1, 2013 Reply

Thanks for this. I’m finishing a tiny studio apt that I will list on here when done in about a month

ikuko - June 1, 2013 Reply

I checked the link, Steven.

I’m traveling to Portland, OR in mid-June, and looking for a few days of small house rental.
Does anyone have a place available but not yet listing there?

I’m planning to have my own tiny house in the future, and I’d like to do… a sort of try out.

I found a few in airbnb, but not working out with this trip either….

Corri - June 1, 2013 Reply

congratulations and great idea! It will help people like myself to vacation in different types of houses to clarify what I’m comfortable with in a living situation.

Pepper - June 4, 2013 Reply

Love this idea, thanks Steven. We’ll be listing our tiny house there as soon as we can!

Marie - June 10, 2013 Reply

Yey! What a superior idea. I’ve always wanted to stay in one and “test it out” but didn’t know how to go about it. Rock on y’all!

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