Tiny Re(E)volitions Kitchen


by Andrew Odom

So much time is spent thinking about the exterior build of tiny houses – the trailer, the framework, the weight, the roof, etc – that the interior is often overlooked. But is that wise? Isn’t the interior what transforms an otherwise stark and impersonal trailer or foundation into a home? It is if you ask Stacey Pridgen of Rooms and Spaces and tiny places.

“The interior is what turns a trailer into a home. It is where a person lays their head at night and you want that person to feel like they are in a palace and not an outhouse,” says Pridgen.

A contractor, creator, builder, craftsman, artist, and innovator for over 25 years Pridgen has been putting hammer to nail since he was just 16 years old. “I started when I was 16 years old or so. I got a job with a construction outfit as a framing assistant. I spent a lot of time helping, lugging material, and trying to learn the trade.”

Stacey never remembers wanting to be a doctor or a lawyer or any sort of corporate tycoon. He craved the dirt and the outdoors. College never even appeared on his radar as he went directly from high school onto the job site.


“I’ve been more with companies although I have been an independent contractor a couple of times. In 1998 I got my contractors license and struck out on my own. But after about two years I settled back down a bit and joined up with a big construction outfit out of Goldsboro, NC. We handled a lot of state and commercial contracts. We did some pretty big homes too. I mean huge.”

sink area

In 2003 or 2004 Pridgen got an offer to work with a trailer company. They hired him to do almost everything regarding trailer interiors. Oddly enough they specifically told him they did NOT hire him to do cabinetry; the one thing he is best known for now! “They wanted me to do electrical, plumbing, etc. I had to learn a lot just to make it there. I stayed there for about 8 years. In about 2008 when the economy started suffering I kind of fell into living quarters. I knew how to do so much with the trailers that I was able to fill several spots. I worked hard to earn my place there.”

2 burner stove

Having gotten his introduction to tiny houses about three or four years ago when his sister showed him the Tumbleweed website, Pridgen has been instrumental in several builds including most recently his custom kitchen cabinetry and finish work in the Tiny r(E)volution tiny house kitchen. With over 4,000 views of the photo album on Google and nearly 200 comments left around the Internet it seems Pridgens work is appreciated around the globe.

To learn more visit Rooms and Spaces and tiny places.

Andrew Odom publishes Tiny r(E)volution.us.

counter top

counter top

cooking utensils



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Lynne H - May 23, 2013 Reply

Stacy, Your work is exquisite. The wood counter tops and black fixtures reflect your craftsmanship and taste. The layout in a tiny space is critical–beautifully done. You are an artist! You will be in high demand. Hope to see more of your work.

    Stacey Pridgen - May 26, 2013 Reply

    Hi Lynne H, I truly appreciate your comments on our work . We strive hard to give our best in every inch of our layouts. So If it’s gotta be tiny it’s needs to function, feel good and speak LOUD. Thanks Again Stacey

Louise - May 23, 2013 Reply

That is a beautiful kitchen! It’s just the perfect kitchen that I would choose to have in my own house. My kitchen is smaller than that, you are so lucky to have so much counter space. Here in Spain, all apartments have small kitchens. In ten years I’ve never lived in an apartment with a kitchen as big as yours. Your counter tops are just beautiful 🙂

    Stacey Pridgen - May 26, 2013 Reply

    Hi Louise, Thank you Ma’am!

    Christine A. Ferguson (Miss) - October 23, 2013 Reply

    Louise hello! Where are you in Spain? I live above a small village near Malaga. Think there is something very wholesome about this movement and with our young countrymen in the doldrums a club to examine this and the general eco-culture might be a nice way to go. I have a home and land
    and could hire a marquee and host such a teaching event. Interested? tel0034 620 10 28 50 or e mail cferguson57@hotmail.com This for elders, TH enthusiasts and the disenfranchised of Spain (or anywhere!) ia great – to get a new and practical diversion – and transferable skills for the future. All welcome to respond. Christine

Debi Simas - May 23, 2013 Reply

Love the ALL the cupboards and storage in this tiny kitchen!! I don’t see an oven, is there one? Sure wish you guys were located in California. If you know of someone you could recommend here in Northern California,please let me know.

Becky C. - May 23, 2013 Reply

Best Kitchen I have seen! So much practical storage & work space. Fantastic! Thanks for sharing 🙂

kim - May 23, 2013 Reply

I love this little kitchen. All the little touches really make a difference in a small space. I’m curious why you left out a lot of potential for upper shelving, however. It seems that the couple of shelves could be extended and a lot of space could be utilized better for glassware, dishes, and spices. It could be done in a way that is decorative and functional.

Andrew M. Odom - May 23, 2013 Reply

Stacey is an artist indeed Lynne. He was so instrumental in bringing my wife’s ideas to life. The countertops are actually reclaimed Malaysian hardwood finished with a salad bowl (non-toxic) varnish. There is no oven yet and there won’t be a traditional oven. In our former house (a 245 square foot bungalow) we had an RV oven/stove made by Suburban and we did not like it. Soon this kitchen we have a shelf designed specifically for a commercial grade convection oven. Because this whole house has been cash-on-the-barrel we have to save for the oven so for now we do fine without it. As for upper shelving and such, we designed only what we needed. A place setting for four is ample for us and we have a few extra glasses. Everything else has a place in the base cabinets. As for spices, the skinny pull out closest to you (very top photo) was designed specifically for spices and holds 48 spice jars. I don’t know if our pallets are sophisticated enough to need more spices. LOL!

Kat - May 24, 2013 Reply

Aww, can’t see Rooms and Spaces and tiny places right now. It says they’ve gone over their bandwidth.

    Stacey Pridgen - May 26, 2013 Reply

    Hi Kat, my website is back up and running strong thanks to Andrew Odom . Thanks for your patience. Spacesandplacesnc.com .

      Pat Caruthers - June 8, 2013 Reply

      Hi, Stacey! Your work is definitely of the highest quality and craftsmanship–we have a lot of that here in Maine, so I get to see a lot of woodworking and joinery. So, I have a couple of questions-1. any thoughts to expanding to Maine? 😉 and 2. your website, while very well done, doesn’t really show off your finished work on other projects shown in the thumbnails-I’d love to be able to see more pics of the FINISHED work than the “shop” photos.
      Thanks for a great site, and I appreciate your time!

Robert Eddins - May 24, 2013 Reply

That’s a great kitchen, I am very glad you are giving it more emphasis. When I go to buy or make a tiny home, that will be a big priority. I’m 60 with 2 right knee surgeries under my belt so the loft thing does not work for me, and that will be another priority as well as the bathroom equipmemnt. The living space can be small but the other areas have to be intelligently and creatively designed and made. Thank you I like your work. Robert

Niall - May 24, 2013 Reply

Ahh this tiny kitchen’s awesome! Great job Andrew!

Debra - May 24, 2013 Reply

It turned out PERFECT! I love your tiny kitchen 🙂

Sarah Raymer - May 25, 2013 Reply

The pull out cabinets are FANTASTIC- BRILLIANT! I agree with everyone else- you have incredible skills and do beautiful work. Do you have a calling card for those of us who may need a consultant in the near future?

Christien Papez - May 25, 2013 Reply

Wath a beautifull kitchen….and more than importent: al you need is there

Linda Hartong - May 25, 2013 Reply

Great workmanship. I am impressed.

Christine McC - May 25, 2013 Reply

i’ve been a fan since the moment i discovered your smart craftsmanship. just a note: adam’s blog/site/house is called ‘tiny r(E)volution’ which is a clever mix of tiny revolution and tiny evolution… you have it spelled three different ways here :)*

Christine McC - May 25, 2013 Reply

oops… my bad… i meant andrew, not adam.

Debbi Flick - May 25, 2013 Reply

Beautiful craftmanship….BEST tiny home I’ve viewed yet….are you building them to sell?

Sandie MacMaster Hunt - May 27, 2013 Reply

I could totally fall in love with this kitchen. Looks quite workable. Love your work.

mel - May 28, 2013 Reply

at first glance I see a couple of problems. The biggest is the counter-top. There would have been a certain waste factor, but mitering the inside corner of the top would look much better than a butt joint.
– Secondly , the shelf above the coffee opt. The shelf brackets are in the way and that situation could have been avoided by using a cleat on the right side on the wall (small and indiscreet) and by inverting a bracket on the left side or by bringing the shelf all the way to the window.
Just my observation. Good luck.

Marykay - May 28, 2013 Reply

I am looking for a 2 burner natural gas stove top. Lowes and Home Depot do not carry them. Any suggestions? Any ideas on pricing?


Neil - May 28, 2013 Reply

Sweet. Send me some Wilber’s bar b q, some Nahunta sausage and Mickey’s cream puffs. They know how to eat in Goldsboro.

Stacey Pridgen - May 28, 2013 Reply

I want to thank each one for sharing what they like and don’t like about this tiny house project . I have truly enjoyed working on this project with Crystal and Drew . I look forward to working with you on your tiny house . We not only build cabinets but also build the complete house. Keep the comments coming!! spacesandplacesnc.com We are located in NC

karen turner - October 20, 2013 Reply

What did you use to finish the wood countertops? I just installed some and am having trouble getting a nice finish like yours.

Nice job!

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