Tiny House Community: Scottish Island for Sale

Just imagine… 760 acres of Scotland to call your own.  With a stone schoolhouse, post office and nine traditional cottages to boot.  There’s even a cafe!

I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a tiny house community in the making to me!

The whole kit and caboodle costs $2.3 million, but don’t fret if you weren’t born with an oil tycoon’s trust fund to your name. You can also buy one of three lots on the property for between $523,000 and $937,000. (You’ll even get to name a tiny nearby island, perhaps.)

This island wonderland is called Tanera Mor. It’s the largest island of the Summer Isles off the northwest coast of Scotland. (Sorry Game of Thrones fans… different Summer Isles.) It’s 1.6 miles long and 1.2 miles wide, with seven miles of cool, northerly beaches, glittering Peter Pan coves and towering cliffs where you can stand and watch the sunsets come and go.

Don’t worry about being too remote, either. The island is equipped with generators and wind turbines for a consistent electricity supply, as well as everything you’ll need to supply a small community with potable water.

There is even a telephone exchange and broadband Internet. Heck… the island is even allowed to issue private Summer Isles postage stamps. (This is your chance to cash in on the worldwide cash cow of philately: stamp collecting.)

More than 160-thousand native trees have been planted on the island to prevent erosion, and to beautify the area surrounding its ten structures. If you were to pitch in with a couple dozen other people, this amazing place could be yours. FOR REAL.

Looking northwards from near the landing stage. The village of Polbain can be seen on the mainland behind.

Interested? Check out the listing here.

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