Advocacy Means Making the Beds with Tiny House Hotelie, Sarah Murphy

Sarah Murphy may not be the ONLY person who is renting out her tiny house but she is truly the most gracious “Hotelie” we have met yet. (Yes. That is a word.) Take one part advanced hospitality degree, two parts southern charm, one part tiny house designer, two parts tenacious advocate and “BAM!” You’ll end up with the Music City Tiny House, quite possibly the most famous tiny house in Nashville! And while this journey didn’t exactly take the path she expected, she has enjoyed every moment of the ride and now gives out great (and some FREE advice) to others who seek to follow her lead. She has written and teaches an e-course on how to run your own tiny house B&B, is a mom, a local and outspoken advocate for tiny houses in her community, and has hosted over 500 guests in the past two years. Bottom Line: Sarah is currently on Michelle’s list to call for advice when Michelle’s next tiny house is finished and ready for guests, and we can’t think of a higher praise to offer than that.

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