Building Tiny In The City of Angels

“2 Yanks, a redneck, and a couple west coast tree huggers, walk into a bar…”

You’ve heard that one, right? Probably not. Never fear though. It is being written very soon. In fact, you can be part of the line-up if you like. That’s right. 2 Yanks = Deek and Dustin Diedricksen. A redneck = Andrew Odom. A couple west coast tree huggers = Michelle Boyle and Josh Engberg (his wife Shelley is more sophisticated than my humor). All will be present at the Relaxshacks/Diedricksen Bros. Los Angeles Hands-On Workshop in February. And if that doesn’t excite you the cast of characters will also include Jedediah Voltz as “local boy does good”, Palo Coleman as “silent but deadly, bamboo artist in the corner of the room”, and Martin Skrelunas as “Mr. Library.” It is going to be an incredible event on a number of levels.

The thing that is so unique to Diedricksen Bros. workshops is the level of hands-on training and experience an attendee actually receives. Photos of past events show Deek on his knees, next to an attendee, showing how a speed square works and how to measure right angles. The same set of photos reveals several attendees standing the wall of a treehouse after having framed it themselves. These type of workshops may very well be the only ones that trade in desks for hammers and require you to get dirty and stay dirty!

Taking place at Los Angeles’ famed Craft And Folk Art Museum, the workshop is being held February 3, 4, and 5, 2017 and will focus on a minimum of one full build.

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