Off-Grid Ready Tiny Houses

Codding Enterprises want to sell their last two tiny houses, with off grid wind turbines and battery back up.

They have a shed roof unit, and a more conventional unit with small loft.

I have done a couple of posts on these back a couple of years ago and you can read more about these houses here:


  • 8 x 17 (2) axle 7000# G.V.W.
  • Small loft in Galapagos, presently has 70 gal water tank
  • 40 gallon Gray Water, Black Water tanks
  • 12 v water system, as well as line pressure water when hooked up
  • 3000 W 120 v AC
  • Small AC refrigerator
  • 4 ft shower
  • Vinyl Thermo-pane Windows
  • Hardee Panel Cement Board horizontal siding
  • Laminated Locking Floor, Bamboo color
  • 18 g and 20 g steel galvanized framing members
  • R-13 insulation walls
  • R-19 insulation floors
  • Estimating R-21 ceiling
  • Fold out steel stairs
  • Large Slider on both units
  • Kitchen sink, basic cabinets, plywood not osb
  • Plywood flooring, not osb

Asking Price is $35,000 each

If you have questions or are interested in purchasing please contact Bill Kastrinos at bkastrinos (at)


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11 thoughts on “Off-Grid Ready Tiny Houses”

  1. This is all very well but do NOT mount your wind turbine to your dwelling. Wind turbines are very quiet but not silent. This thing will make sleep impossible when the wind blows. Just a passing thought. Otherwise love the whole bunch. 🙂

    • Wind power is a nightmare, as anyone
      who actually lives off grid knows.
      I find it so sad that this fact is still not known to all the keen first time buyers.
      In fact, it seems only to be known to those poor souls who buy a wind turbine, then sell it again after realizing that they’re useless.

      All you need to know is this;
      Wind power – AVOID.
      Solar power – excellent all day, every day.

      The first thing you’ll be doing if you buy one is wondering why you have no power, despite having nearly broken your neck and roof raising your turbine on that insane looking rig.

      Sorry tiny housers, but this is a terrible, terrible design all round.


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