Gratitude Millworks on Ebay

In January, I ran an article about Kent McCaffrey’s tiny house company called Gratitude Millworks, LLC located on the east coast in the heart of Dixie in the state of Alabama.

Kent called me this morning to let me know that he was offering this beautiful backyard timber cottage, that is built like a piece of furniture for the low price of $17,900 and it is listed on Ebay right now. Only three days left and ends on May the 2nd.


This would make a perfect office or gallery or could be used as a studio cottage with the addition of some appliances and a bathroom. The quality is outstanding and the price is really low for the quality. So go check it out at Ebay and give Kent a call if you are interested. 


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4 thoughts on “Gratitude Millworks on Ebay”

  1. I absolutely love the white beadboard ceilings with the dark floors. I wish you lived in Michigan…because I would like to remove my drop ceiling tiles & install the raised ceiling. My home is only 450 sq. ft I believe this would give the allusion of space. Plus I would be able to hang all my beautiful chandeliers that I have stored in boxes!
    Your place is adorable, well worth your asking price. 🙂


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