Jay's Vardo for Sale

Jay’s Vardo for Sale


Jay Shafer is selling his Vardo. He built it primarily to use up some scrap he had lying around. Jay says: “My wife and I have enjoyed using it three times to camp by the beach and it was on Brazil’s version of Oprah, but, now, we could use the cash for some upcoming expenses more than we can use the Vardo.”

It would normally cost about $3500 in materials and that again in labor (about 100 hours) plus another $495 for the plans ($8,000 total), but Jay would be happy to sell it to you for $5,800 as is or for $4,800 without the heater.


Then you would have to make a road trip to come pick it up, or Jay could deliver it for $2.00 per mile extra. Any car with a hitch will pull it.

Contact Jay at the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, tell him you heard about it on the Tiny House Blog.




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Judith - August 31, 2009 Reply

I don’t suppose for an instant that this is still available, but I’m interested to know what the interior and exterior dimensions were. Is it simply a room taken up entirely by a bed, or was there more that didn’t make it to photographs?

    Kent Griswold - August 31, 2009 Reply

    Hi Judith – yes it is sold, it is pretty much a bed with storage underneath it. The size is 6 foot wide by 6 and a half long. The detailed info and plans are in Jay’s book. You can get it through the plans page above…Kent

      Simon Jester - October 26, 2009 Reply


      The floor plan may be in the book. However the construction plans are not. The Tumbleweed web-site does not even offer the Vardo’s plan for sale at all.

      Too bad, I would’ve been interested.


        Kent Griswold - October 26, 2009 Reply

        Hi S.J. let me find out from Jay or Steve what is going on with that plan, I really thought it was still available. Check back here later and I will let you know…Kent

          Kent Griswold - October 26, 2009 Reply

          Hi S.J. I just got word from Jay and yes the plans are available for $499. I checked and they are not on the site so you will need to email them at web@tumbleweedhouses.com and let Jay or Steve know you want to purchase the vardo plans. Be sure you tell them that Kent sent you from the Tiny House Blog. Thanks!

Darren - December 1, 2009 Reply

Although this certainly has an abundance of character, for efficiency of space and materials anyone interested in a camper like this should also consider a teardrop trailer. A quick search will reveal lots of inexpensive or even free plans that can be built on a simple bolt-together utility trailer kit and will provide a full-sized bed, storage and a complete galley.

They don’t offer the same wonderful gypsy-like feel, but they have a charm all their own and a vibrant community of enthusiasts.

Thank you for the great blog. I look forward to much reading here.

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