Affordable Tiny Houses – 10 Small Homes for $15,000 or Less

Think a tiny house has to come with a massive price tag? Think again.

Folks from all walks of life are downsizing into small homes so that they can escape the rat race and start living their lives instead of paying mortgage interest, but it isn’t easy if you fell victim to the predatory sub-prime lending scheme, you have poor credit, or you’re young and have no credit at all. Fortunately, there are many tiny houses to be found for an affordable price. Check out these ten lovely homes you can buy for $15,000 or less – if you want to contact the seller, just click on the name of the house.

10. The Grey Gable


Price: $3,995
Square Footage: 140
Location: Whitehall, Michigan

Conventional construction is a popular option for most tiny houses, and this well-made shell is ready for a little insulation and interior sheathing of your choice. Some basic construction skills, or a day or two of contracted labor, will have this little gem finished for you. All you’ll need from there is a composting toilet, a propane burner, and maybe an extension cord for your appliances.

9. The Lakeview


Price: $14,500
Square Footage: 228
Location: Lake Luzerne, New York


Designed with all the features you would expect of a modern home, along with a rooftop balcony, this whimsical tiny house could be ideal for a young person or a couple looking for their first home. It’s already wired for electricity, has a partial bathroom, and it’s made for year-round living in the wintry north.

8. Sherpabob’s Yurt


Price: $12,915
Square Footage: 425
Location: Rollinsville, Colorado


For thousands of years, the nomadic peoples of northern and central Asia have been living in homes likes this, and comfortably too. You’ll have to disassemble the home and move it to your favorite piece of land, but the process is fairly quick and easy once you know how it’s done. With a sleeping loft, wood stove and a spacious circular platform for your living area, you’ll be relaxing in style.

7. The Little Scamp


Price: $10,900
Square Footage: 104
Location: Lake Worth, Florida


This manufactured 16’ trailer has been newly retrofitted for you. It has a working air conditioner and furnace, a tow hitch for a bicycle rack, and a complete kitchen. It’s even been retrofitted with little improvements by the prior owner, such as hot and cold running water that can be accessed from the outside, extension cords, extra lights and much more.

6. The Barn Style Tiny Home


Price: $10,500
Square Footage: 300
Location: Decatur, Arkansas


Mostly finished, this house shell is ready for you to take over and make your own. If you don’t have any construction experience, I recommend hiring a contractor for a few days to finish out the bathroom. Otherwise, the electrics and plumbing are finished, so the home is mostly ready to move in – the purchase price includes an air conditioner, refrigerator and space heater.

5. The Backyard Studio


Price: $7,000
Square Footage: 96
Location: Nashville, Tennessee


Built by the current owners to use as an office space during the day and a place for social gatherings at night, this little structure could be a dream come true for a tiny house hopeful with a little ingenuity. It’s wired for electricity and comes with all the plumbing you need to outfit it with a bathroom. The house will have to be moved to the new location of your choice, of course.

4. The Classic Cabin


Price: $11,500
Square Footage: 50
Location: Ames, Iowa


Equipped with a television, microwave, porta-potty, antique water cooler, and much more, this mostly wooden micro house is a great option for a first-time home owner. It’s built on skids, so you can easily have it delivered to your favorite hunting spot in the woods, or anywhere else your homesteading dreams take you.

3. The Carpenter Owl Gypsy Tug


Price: $7000
Square Footage: 50
Location: Bloomington, Indiana


Intended to be brought along with you in the flatbed of a truck or on the deck of a boat, this experimental design includes you would want in a micro-sized utility trailer. In total, it weighs 1600 pounds. The seller is willing to finish out the interior to your specifications for a nominal fee.

If you’re interested in seeing the builder’s work, check out this article about his Tiny House on Wheels, called Snails Away.

2. The 1958 Ted Walker Ziemann Travel Trailer


Price: $1,200
Square Footage: 90
Location: Defiance, Ohio


Made of classic wood and steel, this unconventional portable home is perfect for the modern wanderer who is happier living on the open road than between four walls behind a desk. Take it out to Slab City for a taste of freedom, or couch surf your way around the nation to see it all firsthand, without having to spend a fortune to do it. It may seem simple, but the little model is even listed in the RV Hall of Fame.

1. The Boxcar Special


Price: $10,000
Square Footage: 400
Location: Tonopah, Arizona


How cool would it be to live in a converted railroad boxcar? The seller is offering an upgraded model with French doors and an oaken floor, which you can easily customize to your needs with a composting toilet, an off-grid array and a self-contained propane kitchen system. With 400 square foot of space, you’ll have plenty of room to live and work, and perhaps install a shower and lavatory. The best part about this style of home is that the bulk of the construction has already been done, and your new home will ready for all kinds of weather.

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Andria Fort - April 26, 2017 Reply

Hi ,I am looking to move into a tiny home in the near future . I am currently living at the beach in N.J. My area is filled with some of the largest most expensive homes in the country. A few miles from shore and can not get by local zoning laws. I know there are many other people in search of a tiny home community somewhere in this state.
If any one out there is interested in getting something started here please contact me.
Thank you,
Andria Fort

Justin Sierra - October 8, 2017 Reply



My name is Justin and I reside in NYC. I too understand the expense of trying to own your own home. unfortunately I have not been to successful in doing so, but I have been thinking about tiny homes and trying to buy a piece of property as a start up place to placed them. I am not to familiar with N.J zoning laws and so I’ll further educate myself. If you have any details that can be of use please don’t hesitate to email me @ the above email address.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Thank you!

    Cesar - November 19, 2017 Reply


    Isn’t the plot of land you are planning to buy either in NJ or NY subject to zoning law anyway? which means tiny homes (NO WHEELS) are not allowed to have foundation established. Am I correct here?

    If your tiny home will have wheels attached, then I believe the state will allow your RV (tiny home with wheels) parked there. Am I correct here?

    I too am interested in finding a place to put my tiny home that I am interested in the future. However, I do not now of a place.

Cesar - November 19, 2017 Reply

I too live in NJ. This state is just too plain expensive. The way I understand it, if your tiny home is on wheel then you can park it anywhere in NJ where RV’s are allowed to park (because the state recognizes them as RV’s) including your friend’s home (or family’s home) with permission from them (Zoning law does not apply here). As long as your neighbor does not complain about you, then you are OK.

If your tiny home is NOT on wheels, then you must comply with zoning law.

I too would like to live in a tiny home somewhere in NJ, but I am not aware of any community in NJ that allows tiny homes (no wheels) in their zoning.

Angie Riggle - July 4, 2018 Reply

Add me to your mailings please.

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