Where in the World is Jet Set Frieda Bakker?

If you’ve ever met Frieda, you know she’s an active and creative type who’s not about to settle for a “normal” existence. If you haven’t met her, you’ll certainly want to after hearing this week’s episode about the challenges of living in or building a tiny house abroad, or more specifically, in the Netherlands. (Good luck finding her though, she’s literally straddling two countries!) Here in the US, although the tiny house is still a growing movement, we are blessed with so many builders and places to put them. However, even if Europeans have been living in tiny apartments all their lives and they “so get” the tiny space living “thing”, they have fewer resources than the US does when it comes to building a tiny house on wheels. What if you want to live tiny in Europe AND be mobile? Will Frieda move permanently to the US in pursuit of her tiny dream? What impact will living in a tiny house have on her life, her job, and her future? How has her past influenced her decision to commute, several times a year, between continents; in pursuit of her tiny living dream? You’ll never know unless you tune in!

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1 thought on “Where in the World is Jet Set Frieda Bakker?”

  1. Love the site immensely, and wish I was in the position to buy or create a tiny house. It is my goal that in the future I will be able to do so, as a cancer survivor who realizes the true value in life, I look at dwellings much differently than I did prior to my diagnosis and treatment. Kudos to those who have been able to realize what is truly important, and best wishes to those who choose to pursue this way of living! 🙂


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