Tiny House ICC Hearings

Come to Kansas City and support the effort to pass the tiny house code at the ICC Hearings. We have been given the green light to invite as many people as we want to the hearings to stand in support of our proposed code change. You won’t be able to speak, but you will be able to stand up and represent the tiny house community in numbers. If we can get 100, 1000, 5000, or more, it could tip the scales in our favor. 
Here are the details: 
  • Location: Kansas City Convention Center in KC, Missouri
  • Dates: October 22 – 24th (We won’t know the exact date of time)
Contact me at Andrew@TinyHouseBuild.com if you plan to attend. We need to give the ICC a rough estimate of numbers so they can make sure there are enough tables and chairs for us all!
Finally, we will have a meeting sometime on the 22nd, early in the day, to discuss the process. We want everyone on the same page and we all need to represent the community with respect and professionalism. 
I’m excited…are you?

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