New website allows you to search and post small homes for sale and rent

By Steven Harrell

In the various pursuits I’ve been involved with professionally, none has been more exciting and rewarding than working with people within the tiny house community and helping spread the message.

Over the years, several key things have become apparent to me, perhaps most notably is that lots of individuals and families are very interested in downsizing in a pretty big way.

Since the typical home in most 1st world countries has swelled over the past generation or two, along with the responsibilities associated with living larger, more folks are looking to reverse this trend for themselves and their families.

When I started back in 2010, the purpose was (and still is) to create a marketplace for homes 500 square feet or smaller. 1000’s of listings posted to the site later, I now realize that while homes this size are very practical and well-suited for a lot of you out there, there’s another large segment of people wanting to downsize in a big way but not quite within the realm of “tiny.”

I decided to create a website that allows people to post homes 500-1,000 square feet in size for sale or rent. It’s called “Small Home Listings.”


A 500 square feet forest service cabin for sale in Twin Bridges, California.

The purpose of the site is very similar to Tiny House Listings, bringing buyers, sellers and renters together. The key difference is that the homes listed on the site are a step up in size for people wanting to downsize but in a small way, not tiny.


528 square feet cabin for sale in Austrian, Michigan.

A niche site real estate like Small Home Listings is great because I can cater the service over time to the specific demands people wanting to downsize require. In the coming weeks and months, I’ll be dialing the site in even more based on your feedback.


650 square feet custom floating home for sale in Friday Harbor, Washington.

If you’d like to browse current small homes for sale and rent, you can here using search filters and map. If you have a small house 500-1,000 square feet in size for sale or rent, you can post it for free here.

Thanks for reading, and here’s to downsizing, whether it be tiny or small!

Steven Harrell,

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Victoria McCormick - October 9, 2016 Reply

Great job!

Wendy Anne Darling - October 10, 2016 Reply

Oh, wow! How I’d love that house boat!

Ida R Hastings - October 10, 2016 Reply

Tiny House owners. If you are needing a place to park your tiny Home on wheels. I have a place that you can come. I am in Huntington Oregon and invite you contact me. I have room for small to large homes. My home is about 600 square feet and I love living small. I do have property that I am able to put 5 homes on with city, water and sewer hookup and electricity if you want or need it. Have a great day. Email address is or you can also find me on Facebook.

Barrie Bamberg - October 10, 2016 Reply

I love the small home listings idea and site. Just what I have been looking for to browse a little larger than tiny house. I am browsing on an iPhone 6s and neither the “back” or “forward” arrow button-link is not working on the mobile site. Otherwise, site is fabulous and pretty easy to navigate on mobile. Love love the concept

sell house cash fast southeast texas home buyers - October 14, 2016 Reply

where are there tiny home plans for sale? we want to build one! they’re so cute

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