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Barrel Sauna Tiny Abode

I’ve always been a big fan of wine barrels and their alternative uses. In college I had some barrel furniture and living in wine country you see many unusual uses of wine barrels.

The barrel sauna is a enlarged wine barrel made into a sauna. They are popular because of the rounded edges that let the moisture roll off the walls. I have done some research and discovered that a couple of the barrel sauna builders also offer a bunkie option.

This option would make a great spare bedroom for a tiny house or a small office. Also the barrel sauna can be easily transported by trailer and some are even offered as mobile saunas for rent.

Here are three of my favorite barrel sauna builders:

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Tim - May 24, 2010 Reply

I love it! How awsome would that be in the middle of a Maine winter!!

Cheryl - May 25, 2010 Reply

I love it too.

Benjamin - May 25, 2010 Reply

No need for the trailer, just roll it down the road!

Deek - May 25, 2010 Reply

Lick the walls to frequently, and you might catch a buzz….

Great looking- very simple idea- I’d imagine it’d be hard to come by barrels like that though…


Carey Huffman - May 25, 2010 Reply

Which companies build bunkie versions?

    Kent Griswold - May 25, 2010 Reply

    Hot Stuff Canada offers the option and I would think the others might also if you requested it. I thought I saw it on more than one but will need to do some research.

      Kent Griswold - May 25, 2010 Reply

      Ooops I knew I had seen it on one of the others. Madawaska Millworks … Bunkie Insert: 6’10 w x 6’0. Cost: $ 375.00 … read the Custom Options and Accessories page on their site.

wendy - May 25, 2010 Reply

I like it very much!But the bed looks unconfortable.

Sam - May 27, 2010 Reply

Very cool!

Although not a house, I would love to see one of these as a stand for selling alcohol (wine, whiskey, and so on).

Julie - May 28, 2010 Reply

My mom has a neighbor with one of these. I’ve never seen the inside, but the outside looks really cool. I’m glad to get a peek of what the inside might look like!

    Sandi - May 29, 2010 Reply

    Julie: see if your mums neighbour will give you some info. on hers, and post it here pls. I would really like to find out if anyone makes these closer to BC Canada. I have not been able to find anyone?

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[…] Barrel Sauna Tiny Abode […]

dusty - April 23, 2011 Reply

These are cool,where would I get something like this?I live in Rome N.Y.

Denis Bernier - March 16, 2017 Reply

I think it is from they show identical coopered sauna models, not the simple cylinder one, but a real barrel sauna.

Canberra Fencing - August 23, 2021 Reply

Always amazed by the design of the tiny houses. I still keep dreaming to have this tiny house one day, plus this barrel tiny sauna on the side.

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