Virginia City Log Cabin

Montana Mobile Cabins is keeping me updated on their current construction and letting me share pictures with you here on the Tiny House Blog. You can view a couple of the other cabins here and here.

The recently completed this 16×22 designed by the client and built to his specification. The cabin was set on full daylight or “wall-out” basement. Here are the cabinspecification: Full loft (or second story), bath, kitchen, great room. Basement houses utility room, 1/2 bath, master suite.

Located in the historic town of Virginia City, Montana.

Cabin with Virginia City in the Background

Moving cabin into Virginia City.

Cabin Kitchen with Stairways to Basement and Loft

Cabin Bathroom

Cabin in Place on Full Basement

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Tim - May 23, 2010 Reply

Is that really considered a basement? It is above ground.

    Montana Mobile Cabins - May 24, 2010 Reply

    The cabin is set on a daylight basement or a walk-out basement. The cabin is on a hill and was built like this at the request of the client.

alice - May 23, 2010 Reply

Looks like it’s built into a hill with only the back wall of the basement open to the air. The picture of the front shows it almost ground level. Hard to tell from the pictures if that’s a built up hill making a mostly earth sheltered basement or a partial excavation at the back of a small hill. Wonder what kind of landscaping they’ll do to soften that very large, vary harsh retaining wall? Nice cabin overall, Virginia City looks like an interesting place.

alice - May 23, 2010 Reply

Oops, comments a bit unclear, I mean the cabin itself looks ground level at the front, unless the retaining wall side is the front. (Sorry about the spelling error in the second ‘very’).

wendy - May 25, 2010 Reply

I like RV very much,but this style is a little big I think.

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