Tilt Sofa Bed

In my search for furnishing for tiny spaces. I came across a company called apt which stands for apt: Adjective, exactly suitable.  The cool thing is that the furniture designed by this company is aimed at small spaces, which is exactly what we are looking for.

The studio collection of sofa beds is designed for one room living or any small space. Sofa models are designed to flip, flop, some slide, and some drop. The goal is for you to sit, sleep, and relax. Sounds good to me.

Tilt Sofa

There is quite a selection in the studio series but I am going to feature one of my favorites. The Tilt Sofa Bed. Here is the description from apt:

Designed for the modern home, the sleek Tilt Sofa Bed is the practical choice for today’s living room. The convertible sofa features a unique European click-clack mechanism that enables you to easily convert this sofa into a bed within seconds.

  • Double sized bed
  • Available in Suede Look
  • Polyurethane foam
  • Steel frame with pocket springs
  • Chrome legs
  • Designed in Denmark

Dimensions – 79W x 40D x 29H ”
Seat Height: 16″
Bed: 79 x 50

Check out their collection at the apt site. Choose one that works for your tiny space.

Tilt Sofa Open

Tilt Sofa Open

Tilt Sofa Flat

Tilt Sofa Flat

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maggie - September 17, 2008 Reply

Cool site. Thanks for the tip!

Vince Hodges - September 17, 2008 Reply

I am not normally this anal 🙂 (really!), but the tag line on the site means Adjective, not Adjust, I guess it’s meant as a dictionary entry for apt: Adjective, exactly suitable.

Kent - September 17, 2008 Reply

Thanks Vince, I corrected that and appreciate you pointing it out!

Todd - September 17, 2008 Reply

I love that this wonderful and useful bit of furniture is getting appropriate attention. I live in a 190sqft home…and am actually needing to sell my wonderful Tilt Sofa Bed to make room for built-in bookcases. If anybody (in the Seattle area) wants one, for $475, let me know at ruralspice@yahoo.com It’s in mint shape, looks exactly like the pictures on this post, and is very comfortable.

Daniel - September 17, 2008 Reply

I like this. I was looking at futons but I think this would be a little better in that there’s no arm rests (just personal preference). I think I’ll check out to see what else they have.

Stephen Jones - September 22, 2008 Reply

these sofas are very much in fashion now , m also planning to buy it !!!
Thanks for the information !!!

Carey Huffman - September 23, 2008 Reply

I appreciate the modern look, but my preference leans towards the traditional. A great sofa or chair that becomes a great bed (note the absence of the word “sofa bed” and all it’s negative connotations) is made by American Upholstery, a subsidiary of American Leather. The boxed frame of the sofa or chair contains an accordion-esque fold out three piece bed that is elevated off the floor via support legs. It does not contain a flimsy wire support structure or the nefarious “three bars from hell” support structure that has ruined many a back on a “sofa bed’s” inadequate inner spring mattress. The support structure consists of three solid surfaces with an attached thick high density foam mattress. The length of the pieces are designed so that the main pressure points of your body do not rest on the gaps. Although I am not associated with the company, I highly recommend this option for close quarters sitting/sleeping arrangements. By my book, the only problem is the pricing. At around $1700 for a chair/bed combo it is a bit expensive. But then, most people tell me I’m frugal.

Sam W - July 6, 2009 Reply

This company took a $750 deposit from me for a sofabed, strung me along for nearly a year, then went out of business. No refund of course.

If you surf around the web you can see others who were left in the same boat. Include the words Guy Renkovski in your web search, you will find contact information for the president of the company. If anyone is in the same boat I’d be interested to know.

Sam W - July 9, 2009 Reply

Information about Apt-NY Furniture can now be found at http://aptnyfurniturefraud.blogspot.com/.

Benjamin - October 23, 2009 Reply

Links to this site aren’t working.

    Benjamin - October 23, 2009 Reply

    (By “this site” I mean the Apt site.)

Kent Griswold - October 23, 2009 Reply

Hi Benjamin, it appears they are revamping the site and it is down right now. I’ll check back later and see if it comes back…Kent

waterproof dog bed - July 6, 2010 Reply

That bed looks very amazing. My only concern is that I think my pet dog will completely destroy it.

futonsofabeds - March 23, 2011 Reply

Wow looks like a great sofa bed, they are a great way to save space but I always find them to small.

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Kena Taillefer - November 21, 2012 Reply

I always like to sleep on Sofa Beds because there are nice and comfy. ^

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Deandrea Fongvongsa - February 20, 2013 Reply

Having a sofa bed puts you in control of the space you live in. Whether your living space is limited or you live in a roomy home, it is always useful to have an extra sleeping area. However, having a sofa bed means you don’t have to dedicate that space as a bedroom and lose any dual functionality the room may have. Instead, you can transform it into its ‘secret identity’ and use it as a piece of functional and aesthetic furniture when it is not needed to sleep on. Because of the ergonomic designs employed by the manufacturers of sofa beds, modern models can complement virtually any living space. ;

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Christina Brewton - January 6, 2017 Reply

I have both. I’m pretty sure the futon’s mattress isn’t super comfy because of the fact it is old and is low quality. If we had a better one, I bet it would improve. That being said. I bought an amazing memory foam sleeper sofa mattress online (relatively cheap – say $150? $200?) and my guests LOVE IT. So, the possibilities are out there. Usually the mattress that comes with the sleeper sofa is lame. ?
I like this. I was looking at futons but I think this would be a little better in that there’s no arm rests (just personal preference). I think I’ll check out to see what else they have.

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