Tiny Texas – Houses Essay Contest

*Brad sent me some interior photos, be sure and check them out.

Brad Kittel, of Tiny Texas Houses, is having a Essay Contest. The grand prize is a prototype of his newest sustainable home design, valued at $38,000. Brad wishes to show that there are healthy ways to build a sustainable house, to prove that building a sustainable home can be done with local resources and labor, to illustrate a sustainable home with a nearly zero carbon footprint, and to demonstrate the beauty of a sustainable home built using the highest quality woods, hardware, doors, and glass.

What you need to do is write a 300-word essay addressing “How having a Tiny House could change your life” and submit it with a $50 entry fee. The entry fee will first and foremost help pay for the house itself, but also allows us to pay our the judges, the web support, editing, advertising, and the administration costs associated with running the contest.

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Victorian Tiny Texas House

A couple of days ago, I was chatting with Brad Kittel of Tiny Texas Houses and he sent me some new pictures of one of his recent homes, this cute little Victorian.

The wooden Victorian is a 12′ x 20′ and it is located in Canyon Lake, Texas. It is lined with 1800 circa metal roofing tiles in the bath area.┬áIt also has their new ladder design and a nice rounded loft front.

Brad also told me that he has been busy building and selling homes for several Bed and Breakfasts across the country. A recent one up in the Badlands of South Dakota and three more for another in Pasadena, California. I will follow up with an update on these before long.

Photography: Doug Gaidry III Digital Imaging

Tanner another one of our readers sent me this link to this article in the Austin News about Kittel and his tiny houses. You can read the article called the “Small House Movement hits Central Texas” and watch a neat little video along with the story. Thanks Tanner for sharing this story with us.

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