Tiny Pallet House

Michael Janzen of Tiny Free House fame has started a new micro blog called the Tiny Pallet House.

Michael says as hurricane Gustav plowed across Cuba headed for the gulf coast of the United States memories of Katrina and the potential displacement of thousands got him thinking. Michael wanted to do something helpful. It occurred to Michael that someone else might find what he knew about building with shipping pallets useful in the coming weeks and months. So he setup this simple micro-blog to make it easy to show others one way to build with pallets.

Tiny Pallet House

This is a simple house that does not require a trailer foundation and can be built quite easily with pallets. Michael does not claim to be a professional builder or architect but wants to share the knowledge he has gained with his experience with his Tiny Free House and has made this dedicated site to help others in need. Go check out the Tiny Pallet House blog now.

Floor Plan

Floor Plan

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Dave - August 6, 2009 Reply

Looking good{:> I built an 8′ X 10′ shed/shop a few years ago with pallets, scavenged sheetrock,
etc. I then covered it with chicken wire and Ferro-Cement. It is very solid and probably cost $100.00 for the cement and wire.
Keep up the good work…
Dave B./Colorado

    Kent Griswold - August 7, 2009 Reply

    I would enjoy seeing photos etc. of your shed, would you email some to me at tinyhouseblog(at)gmail.com. Thank you!

David R - January 11, 2014 Reply

Nice idea for storm victims. Yet, I have seen houses made of shipping crates full of mice and very dry, brittle wood – ripe for a fire. Beware.

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