Home Security System
September 3, 2008

Home Security System

If you are living in a small or tiny house, you most likely won’t have as many material things around as you would in a larger home. However, the quality of these items you have may be more. Each piece of furniture, appliance or equipment has its special purpose so you do not want someone to break in and take them. The fact that your place is small may not attract as many thieves or it could have the opposite effect and someone might think it easy to get in and out more quickly.

Wireless Security System

Home Security is also a consideration if you have a Tumbleweed style home that is on wheels. You would not like someone to pull up to your home while you are away and hook up there truck and drive away with your home. Wheel locks or some type of tie down may be in order for this type of situation or a motion detector alarm system.

There are many Home Security Systems on the market. Simple security systems and complex units. Some you can connect yourself and others require outside set up and installation to operate. I have put a few illustrations with this post of a few examples of Security Systems that might work for a tiny or small home. The best way to research this is to go and google “Home Security Systems” and find one that will work best in your situation. Prices can range from $15 for a simple door alarm to hundreds of dollars for a complex system. These illustrated here range in price between $100 and $300 and $15 for the door alarm.

Hardwired Security System

Home Security Cameras

Home Security Cameras

Door Alarm

Door Alarm

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dpayne - September 4, 2008 Reply

Thank you for the advice. I agree that home security is important regardless of the size of your home. Burglars are always looking for the easiest smash and grab and if you do not have some sort of home security system in place then burglars are likely to take advantage. If you make it difficult for criminals to break into your home, they are likely to avoid it and simply move on.

Stephanie - September 10, 2008 Reply

Thank you for writing about an issue I’ve been thinking about myself, but haven’t seen mentioned on any other tiny house sites. I’m going to be building a Tumbleweed house (the Weebee). It has a lot of windows by the entryway, so I’m looking at the type that are made for hurricane areas, which don’t shatter and fall out of their framing.

jimmy - September 14, 2008 Reply

first time to be here,thank you very much for your perfect words and products ,we need safety and protection even if we only have a tiny house.

nathan - September 18, 2008 Reply

Wireless alarms are ideal choice for places where there is a lot of telephone line tampering and cut. even for the other alarm you can choose to have a cellular backup.

Erik Johnson - October 14, 2009 Reply

Thanks for the great information! I agree traditional locks are not enough anymore! CCTV and a Home Alarm system is a must! In this economy it is time to protect your family and property!

Jack - October 23, 2009 Reply

Security systems are important to protect your family and home. I would recommend that all households look into having one installed.

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Spencer Jordan - February 3, 2020 Reply

It’s pretty good to know that only some of the security cameras you can buy are meant to go outside. My wife and I are worried about our home being broken into while we travel for a few weeks. It would be great if we could find a system that will notify us if there is any activity happening on our property.

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