Tiny House Homesteading

Most of the tiny houses represented on this blog so far have quite a high price tag to get started.

Through my research, I have discovered several people who have found cheaper ways to make a tiny house, simply by doing the work themselves and finding a plan that will fit there needs. I want to feature Lamar today from Utah.

Visit his Simple Solar Homesteading site and read how he has built his own tiny cabin which is 14 x 14 for less than $2,000, and later added porch.


He used new materials only and bought everything locally. Below is a quote by Lamar from his site:

I built this cabin by myself from new materials for under $2000 (not including windows, doors, and porch). I live in this cabin year round.

The cabin is 14 x 14 and aproximately 400 square feet with a full loft. It includes a kitchen, dining area, bathroom and living area downstairs and a large bedroom and office upstairs.

My electricity comes from the solar panels you see on the roof and a small backup generator. This power runs all my lights, water pump, tv, computer etc. My heat is primarily from direct solar gain through the south facing windows and I use propane for a backup furnace, fridge, stove, and on demand water heater. My propane bill for last year was less than $200. I use a tracfone pay as you go cell phone for emergencies.

My water is from a free flowing artesian well and I also collect rainwater for gardening. My septic system is a solar composting toilet that i designed and is about two thirds more efficient than standard designs. I grow a garden, fruit trees and raise chickens and black dogs.

Because I have no house payments or monthly utility bills I can live very inexpensively. I own a small business and now I can work when I want as I want. I only work 9 months a year and spend winters on other projects.

My goal is to live simply and do as little damage to the earth as possible!

Lamar has also written an ebook with plans and directions to build your own cabin and live simply like he is. This book is a bargain and I would really encourage you to buy it as the information is worth way more than the low price Lamar is selling it for.

To view more pictures and read more about Lamar’s tiny cabin and buy his ebook click here.

Living Room
Living Room

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    • There are a lot of considerations to take into account when setting up a homestead. You’ll need to consider the context of the land: how big is it, what is the terrain, what is the climate, and your skill level. In some cases, certain plants won’t work, while others will thrive. A small parcel might not be able to support certain live stock. Check out post on how to setup your land for your homestead.

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