Tiny Homes of Maine and the State’s New IRC Codes

Most people are familiar with the state of Maine for its beautiful coastline and decadent seafood. Now Maine can be famous for being the second state to adopt the IRC Tiny House Appendix V. In 2018 the state’s building codes have an addition that includes construction guidelines for tiny houses. The standards include defining a tiny house as a dwelling less than 400 square feet, an allowance for sleeping lofts with ladders, and skylights as points of emergency egress.

Tiny Homes of Maine designs and builds tiny homes off and on wheels.

While some towns can adopt their own codes for tiny houses, this makes way for more companies to introduce their designs such as Tiny Homes of Maine. Located in Windham, Maine, Tiny Homes of Maine designs and builds custom tiny homes both on and off trailers. Each of the homes come fully completed and the company also has a 30-foot model designed for one-level living.

The floor plans can be customized for any buyer.

Tiny Homes of Maine were recently featured on HGTV’s Tiny House Hunters and the company’s beautiful craftsmanship and details were profiled. Most importantly, their homes are built to withstand Maine’s harsh winters.

The multiple lofts can be used in various ways.

The homes can be built to accommodate utility hookups or for off-grid living. The bathroom has the option for a Sun-Mar composting toilet and graywater can be recycled for plants or placed into an RV-style holding tank. If parking one of their tiny houses is an issue, the company also has contacts with land available for lease. Tiny Homes of Maine floor plans start at only $45,000.


Photos by Tiny Homes of Maine

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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Juan - July 11, 2018 Reply

“Now Maine can be famous for being the second state to adopt the IRC Tiny House Appendix V.”

Great. What’s the other state?

    Christina Nellemann - July 13, 2018 Reply

    Idaho was the first state to adopt the IRC Tiny House Appendix V.

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