6 Reasons Why Living in a Tiny House is Unique

For decades now, the tiny house movement has been enchanting American homeowners who wish to live minimally, save money, and live a more-eco-friendly lifestyle. The 2009 housing crisis, along with the dramatic rise in foreclosures and subsequent houselessness that occurred only helped push tiny living into the mainstream.

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Fast forward to today and you’ll see tiny house villages popping up all over the country in cities like Portland, Salt Lake City, Washington D.C., Austin, San Francisco, and Olympia, to name a few.

If you’re considering moving into a tiny home, there’s more than just the small space to consider. In fact, there are a number of unique aspects of living in a tiny home, some good and some bad.

Smaller House, Smaller Mortgage

The cost of living in the United States is astronomical, with the average home loan costing nearly $222, 261 on average. This means that in most places in the United States, you’re looking at paying nearly $1,061 per month for a 30-year mortgage.

Tiny houses, on the other hand, cost substantially less, and although they vary in price depending on how you build them, most homeowners can have little to no monthly mortgage payment, while still reaping the benefits of homeownership.

Unique Design Options

Whether you’re building your house yourself or hiring a contractor to build one for you, the amount of customization is endless. Fancy a house with a classic barn design? Or one with an add-on greenhouse? One that looks like a country cottage?

Since they’re so inexpensive to build, the possibilities for design and structure are truly customizable to best match your desires and needs. 

Downsizing and Organizational Challenges

Downsizing to move into a tiny home is no walk in the park.  Many of us live in excess that won’t functionally work when you live in a space that’s less than 400 square feet. But if you commit to minimal living, a tiny house could be a great experience.

It’s not just about purging what you don’t use on a regular basis, however. It’s also about maximizing the space you have, finding multiple purposes for different items and pieces that you own, and of course keeping your bedroom, living room and your kitchen optimally organized

No Hidden Repair Costs

While purchasing older houses may seem like a good deal at first, there is the potential for a number of issues that could cost you more money and negatively impact your health. Houses built pre-1970 are in danger of having asbestos, lead paint, foundational issues, electrical problems, water damage, or roofing issues.

One of the benefits of moving into a tiny home is that you’re building it from the ground up, in most cases. Long term, should anything go wrong, the problems are much easier and cheaper to address.

Eco Friendly

Tiny homes today are far more environmentally friendly than most other living situations. This is due, in part, to their size. Most tiny homes are made out of repurposed and salvaged materials. You can also more easily afford to make upgrades to your home such as solar and wind capabilities, a rainwater catch and filtration system, and upgraded appliances.

Mobile Friendly

If you don’t want to be tied down to any particular location, tiny house living may be an option you want to consider. Most tiny homes are mobile, meaning that you’ll be able to pack up and take your home with you as long as you have a vehicle with adequate towing capabilities.

There are many unique benefits to owning a tiny home, from the cost to the lifestyle, to the freedom of choice and design.

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  1. My husband and I are thinking about building a tiny home because it would be a fun adventure for us, especially if the house is on wheels because we can travel around. I did not realize there are so many benefits like the fact that the home will have a much smaller mortgage payment and we can create a unique design option for the home. Plus, the fact that we will have to downsize and realize what things and belongings are important in our life will help us to realize our priorities.


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