Fencl Update #7

Wednesday I made my trip out to Jay’s to see the Fencl and see how close they are to getting it completed. They are really on the last stretch now as you can see by the pictures.

All the trim has been completed around the windows and many of the cabinets are almost finished. Doors for the cabinets and other final details will give it the finished look.

They were installing the hot water heater when I was there and finishing up the trim on the inside. Thursday the plan was to complete the plumbing for the sink, shower and toilet. Friday to start cleaning up and complete all the little details that need to be done.

I may make a trip out there today just to see how things are going, otherwise I hope to be there early next week to see the completed home.

Jay is off to a workshop in Vancouver BC, Canada this weekend if you want to catch it be sure and register at his site Tumbleweed Tiny House Company today, as it starts tomorrow.

I have been taking many photographs of this build and you can see them at my new website called the Tiny House Journal under Jay’s Fencl. This is the first Fencl constructed and documented. Jay is also working on a DVD with video and stills that will be available at some time in the future.

Stay tuned for the final update of the completed Fencl sometime next week. You can visit the previous updates by following these links. Update #1Update #2Update #3Update #4, Update #5, Update #6.






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anquan battle - May 21, 2009 Reply

Good to see that the house is coming along great; I heard about the Tumbleweed brand after reading about Jay Schafer on FLYP Media this month…with the way the economy is going, this might just be the way! haha

Digital Rabbit - May 22, 2009 Reply

I am wondering what is that tin can for ?
Second picture from the bottom.


    Kent Griswold - May 22, 2009 Reply

    Hi Jason – that is the six gallon RV hot water heater, I guess it does look like a tin can…Kent

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