Flagler Houseboats

Chris from Small Footprint Living shared this site with me and I thought all you floating home enthusiasts would appreciate this small floating home.

 Flagler Bridge Boatworks and Marina in Flagler Beach, Florida, hired Sponberg Yacht Design in 2005 to develop a series of houseboat designs for their marina.

The Prototype Flagler Houseboat has rounded corners and an arched roof, which will be optional on future models.


The prototypes shown in the first series of photographs were built on plywood and fiberglass barges, and a newer model has been developed for a molded fiberglass boat hull.

The Flagler Houseboats shown here are in two sizes: Small, 16’ x 40’ or 16′ x 44′, with about 550 sq. ft. of interior living area on one level; and Medium, 20′ x 40′, 20′ x 44′, and 20′ x 48′, with about 1,400 sq. ft. of interior living area on two levels.

Each living unit is built on a rectilinear plywood and fiberglass hull that is subdivided into several watertight compartments.

While the curved corners and curved roof are quite attractive, they are more expensive to build than square corners and roofs. These features are not included in the standard designs, but an owner may request them for a correspondingly adjusted price.

Each houseboat has complete electrical and water services. There are shore power connections for electricity, television, telephone, and the Internet. To read all the details go to the Flagler site.

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Kathy Satterfield - May 11, 2009 Reply

Beautiful and with a lifestyle to boot!

What price range are we talking about??

Kent Griswold - May 11, 2009 Reply

Hi Kathy – They don’t show prices on the website however here is the contact information if you would like to get in touch with them: Mr. Howard Sklar
Flagler Bridge Boatworks and Marina
Tel: 386-439-0081 (office)

Christina Nellemann - May 11, 2009 Reply

Very cool! I would actually like to give up some of the inside living area for more of a deck/patio space though.

Jose Altube - January 7, 2010 Reply

Florida is hurricane country. Guess how far will they fly when hit by one?. On the other side probably are a good idea for flooding-prone areas.

Ady Barker - September 14, 2011 Reply

Love this house boat!! I could so easely live in that but may have to save up a bit first. Thanx for sharing it.

Ed Okie, PE - June 28, 2016 Reply

Hi people, have any of you looked at Carolina HouseBoats. They have small (Key West) to I mean big. Let me know what you think.

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