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Brette Haus Prefabricated Folding House

My name is Gennadii and I’m the founder of Brette Haus – Latvian housing startup.

We design and manufacture prefabricated folding houses. This is a rare segment of transformable design and architecture.

It takes under 8 weeks to manufacture and 3 hours to install it. All electric and sanitary equipment comes prefabricated. Just move in.

This house allows taking urban comfort anywhere.

We have 3 completely versatile designs developed for now.

We installed our first house in December near the Baltic sea.

A month ago we relocated it again. Now you could find near the lakeshore. It is rented as a part of bnb Dzirnavu Pirtina.

Choosing prefabs

For many years building a house meant spending much time and putting plenty of effort. However, in
our world of modern technologies, people can get a comfortable living zone much faster. It became
real with a prefab house.

It is smarter and cheaper; it serves its owner over time and is easy to construct. No wonder that its
popularity is rapidly growing. Huge companies highly estimated the advantages of prefabs – Amazon
invested in Plant Prefab more than 6 million dollars.

Thus, mobile homes have evidently become a modern trend in construction.

However, the breakthrough was not wholly successful. As it turned out, portacabins and garden
shelters still needed cranes, dozens of qualified workers, and so on. The idea of “just mount and
move in” was spoilt, and technologies proved to be old-fashioned.

A few words about us

It is not the same with Brette Haus. With modern methods and new techniques living in a cozy and
convenient prefab bungalow is simple and real.

Our team comprises restless seekers, eager to find new solutions, and try new techniques.
Exceptional contribution to our work has been made by Antal Khripko, whose ideas and desire to
invent keep on inspiring us. Side by side with him, we have been working for 12 years in wooden
production and have brought mobile eco housing to a new level. Thus, we created Brette Haus and
started to develop ourselves in the world of prefab manufacturing.

Our technology

After years in wooden industries, we have concluded that prefabrication manufacturing is the most
up to date way of building a house. It is just like when you play LEGO – you have separate parts,
which have to be put together. Brette Haus «plays» LEGO for a customer and then constructs a tiny
home perfect for instant moving in.

Having gained skills and knowledge, we revealed that prefab houses constructed using Cross-
Laminated Timber are the most profitable. Such eco livings are quick to install, easy to carry by
truck. Besides, their size is comparatively small, and such a prefab can be stored without difficulties.
Eventually, the main advantage is that just in 3-4 hours, an owner can move in.

Owing to CLT technology, elements and space in a mobile house are transformable. Its details
characterized by a high degree of self-support. A construction built by Brette Haus is dynamic and
changeable; its shape can fit the surroundings and look natural. Moreover, the portability of eco
homes is rather valuable – a Scandinavian house can be fold to the “container” size and transported.

Thus, the comfort zone of an owner can travel with him wherever he likes without any issues with
delivery, shipment, or installing.

Brette Haus product

Naturally, it was not us, who discovered the folding house technique. Still, we have some unique
constructing tips to apply as well as to introduce. In particular, we use a unique, patented metal
hinge turn mechanism. One more thing patented is the space doubles feature(to be exact, we
increase space by 149% ). Also, some unique inventions still remain in our plans, and several are
already pending. All these skills and knowledge were developed to make tiny living huge in

We continue searching for new solutions and discoveries to enrich a camping bungalow. Beyond
doubt, in choosing a house shape, size, and outer image matter for a customer the most. Brette
Haus offers a range of 20, 30, 50 sqm mobile homes. Soon a larger one will be introduced – a prefab
of 70 sqm. The home design is up to the customer. One may decide on a suitable tone for the
exterior on our website using an online order platform. All sanitary equipment and electrical
engineering are already prefabricated. We offer our customers several IKEA interior designs,
wrapped into collages.

Our present lead time is 8 weeks and this is a success for prefab processes. However, we have a
goal to reduce it twice. Such a standard can be obtained by enlarging our manufacturing space and
multiplying the production rate.

Visit the Brette Haus Website to learn more.

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