Village Farm in Austin is Country’s First “Agrihood”

For anyone wanting to live small in the fun and funky city of Austin, Texas, the Village Farm tiny home community is now open. Located just a few miles from downtown, this community is also centered around Green Gate Farms.

Village Farm is a tiny house community centered around an organic farm.

Photos by Village Farm Austin

Village Farm was developed as a modern “agrihood” that is centered around community farming and green spaces. The farm is an organic CSA that also features classes and consulting. In addition, home owners can purchase their produce from the farm at a reduced rate.

Several different park models around 400 square feet are for sale.

If that is not enough to get you interested, the beautiful tiny houses might be the clincher. Village Farm features over 10 park models for sale. The prices depend on the model type and interior modifications, but start at around $70,000. Each of the homes are under 400 square feet and feature full kitchens and baths and at least one bedroom. Some even have two lofts. The homes also take advantage of Austin’s weather with outdoor decks and porches.

The models, such as the Zoe, also have covered porches.

No rentals are available at this time and residents do not own the land, but do have a secure place for their tiny home within a developed community. Their monthly community fee covers the leasing of the home site, upkeep and maintenance of all common spaces, and free use of all amenities.

Some interior modifications can be made.

Village Farm was developed by Roberts Communities as one way to combat the housing affordability crisis in the fast-growing city. The community plans to have over 100 tiny homes in the community as well as dog parks, playgrounds, and fire and BBQ pits.

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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