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Tiny House Living Philosophy with Laura LaVoie

This week Ethan is super excited to be catching up with his and my friend Laura LaVoie. Early on the the modern tiny house journey Laura and Matt were blogging about their build and Ethan was inspired to build his own after following their journey.

Laura and Matt really embody the tiny house life style and share what it means to adjust their changing lives yet always keeping the tiny house life-style no matter where they are at.

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In This Episode:

  • The “why-to” vs the “how-to” of the tiny house lifestyle
  • Altered plans make the house custom
  • The Zen of building a tiny house
  • Living tiny influences the rest of your life
  • Building a tiny house is an adventure
  • What a tiny house can and can’t fix in your life
  • Do you have to live in a tiny home in order to live mindfully?
  • Can you make a poorly-designed space work for you?

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