Justin’s Park Models and Sleeping Cabins

by Justin Magnuson

Namekagon Cabins is a manufacturer of Park Model and Sleeping Cabins located in Northern Wisconsin. The main focus of our company is to bring you quality custom cabins. We specialize in “Northwood’s living” and take pride in our quality craftsmanship and truly making every cabin feel like home. All cabins come with basic standard features and as a smaller park model manufacturer we can give your cabin the attention that other manufacturers can’t. We build our cabins one at a time, with the same crew working on it from start to finish. We will work directly with the new owner in all details from room sizes, countertops, to even paint. If you want to up grade fixtures or appliances that’s no problem, after all it’s your cabin not ours.

The Park Models start out at $34,000.00 and are generally used as a part time seasonal home. They are built with standard construction methods, 2 x 4 walls, 2 x 8 floor joists and engineered roof trusses. Interior consists of pine car siding and dry wall. They also come with functional kitchens and 3/4 baths. Sleeps 4 comfortably.

interior cabin
interior cabin

Sleeping Cabins start out at $12,000.00. They make for great guest houses, hunting shacks or rentals units for resorts. The sleeping cabins are built using the same techniques as the Park Model cabins. Most sleeping cabins only have electric with no running water within the cabin. They sleep 4 – 6 comfortably usually with a queen bed, bunk bed and a futon. Sleeping cabins can either be built on a trailer or on skids.

I provide free estimates on all cabins. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Justin at: NamekagonCabins@gmail.com

bunk beds

cabin side view

larger park model

back of larger park model

12 thoughts on “Justin’s Park Models and Sleeping Cabins”

  1. It’s good that more people are getting into the business of small and tiny homes. Competition is a good driver for quality and price. These seem reasonably priced.

  2. I’d like to see you have a website. It will get you more publicity and give those of us not in your area an opportunity to look at floor plans, pictures, options, etc. I like the idea of sleeping cabins as well as park models.

  3. Hi guys! There will be a website up this fall with all pictures, floorplans and other options. As far as pictures of the inside of the park models I can send them to you. If you send me an email at NamekagonCabins@gmail.com I will certainly send you some pictures or answer any questions you have. Thanks, Justin

  4. Or a free placeholder blog site through blogspot or blogger.com. I like the littler cabin- very simple, nice clean lines, natural wood. I’d add some larger windows, but its a very nice tiny dwelling all in all. Good luck with all Justin!

  5. Nice design and workmanship. I am VERY INTERESTED in both models. Please send photos and floor plans. I see an air conditioner, but you state there is no electrical in the sleeping cabins. Are the cabins insulated, and can you wire up the cabin for me with a 30A service. What would be the cost of insulation, if not there now, and the cost of the electrical.
    Regards, Bob

    • Bob,

      All cabins come with electric. They can be wired for 30A or 50A services. Most sleeping cabins don’t have indoor plumbing. But all park model cabins have both water and electric. They are also insulated, R-30 in floors and ceilings and R-13 in walls. If you have any other questions please email me at NamekagonCabins@gmail.com


  6. If you need someone to build you a site…I could help you with that. I build sites for 500-700.00 depending on how complicated you want it. Contact me: justzayna@gmail.com. I would love to help you show off your work!


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