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DIY Tiny Home Renovation Planning

Your house might be tiny, but renovating it is a huge deal. Tiny homes come with unique needs, which means they usually need custom pieces that work well in the home. Not only do pieces need to fit, but they need to be multi-functional to make the most out of your space. Ordering custom pieces can get expensive very fast, so to avoid unnecessary expenses, you can plan a do-it-yourself renovation.

There are many resources available to updating your tiny home and many affordable ways to do it. While you may need a professional for technical matters, such as lowering high humidity levels in your home, you can achieve most if not all of your design goals with DIYing. Though it might seem overwhelming at first, especially if you have children, a bit of planning can help you save some cash and renovate your house the way you want to.

Make A Wish List

It can be hard making your tiny house feel like a home, especially when you first move in. When you’re deciding which renovations you want to make, think about anything that might be missing from your tiny home that you would prefer to have. Perhaps you don’t yet have a dishwasher or laundry machines. Though it may be hard to envision them inside your house, looking at ways other people have managed to make them fit can help you come up with a solution that will work.

Tiny Home Designs

Though tiny homes are gaining popularity, they are far from traditional. Most house design magazines and TV shows are geared to decorating the biggest houses with the most expensive furniture. This can make it hard to feel at home in such a small space, and you might feel at a loss for how to decorate.

However, just because tiny homes aren’t traditional doesn’t mean that there aren’t a lot of ways for you to decorate it. If you are having trouble coming up with ideas, look at other tiny house designs for inspiration. Keep in mind the layout of your house and what you could fit into it, and make sure you identify the difference between renovation and rebuilding.

Creating Space

The most important element of design that you should look at is finding ways to make your house feel bigger. There are a few tricks you can use to do that without actually expanding your space. One thing you can do is paint the inside of the house a bright color, which will open it up visually. You can also add curtains around your windows; if you place them high and have them come down all the way to the floor, it will make your ceiling seem higher. Of course, hidden storage is also a must when it comes to tiny homes.

Make A Budget

Once you figure out what kind of renovations you want to make, you can take a look at your financial situation to see what you can afford. Depending on how extensive your renovations are, you might find yourself a bit short on money, especially if you want to buy new appliances. If this is the case, you may want to consider getting a loan or refinancing your current ones. Even DIYing can be expensive, depending on the size of the renovations you are taking on.

Be Thrifty

Of course, one of the main reasons to DIY in the first place is to save money. While DIYing can save you hundreds — if not thousands of dollars on large renovations — it can still be expensive to buy materials and tools for your projects. You can keep costs down by building shelves and other easy-to-make furniture yourself, going to thrift stores and yard sales to find pieces that you can customize, and using leftover materials from construction sites.

Come Up With a Plan

Once you know which renovations you want to make and how much money you have to make them, you can make your tiny home renovation plan, as recommended by home experts. Making an Excel of Google Sheet can be vital to staying organized, within budget, and on schedule. Here, you can keep track of the areas of your house you will renovate, what items you need to complete the renovation, your budget for the item, how much it will actually cost, and where you will buy it from.

Also recommended to keep your financials in check is to open a separate bank account for your renovation budget. This way, you can clearly see how much money you have left which can keep you from overspending.

Take Care of the Details

Once you have made it past the designing, planning, and budgeting, you can start to carry out your plan. If you have little kids, make sure to keep them safe around construction areas by turning construction into a learning situation. You might need to make arrangements for family and friends to help you out during the process since you won’t have a lot of space for your kids to stay away from dangerous objects.

Renovating is never an easy task and doing so in a tiny home is even more of a challenge. With careful planning and DIY fixes, you can make your tiny house into a home for you and your family while keeping costs low.

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John Randal - May 3, 2018 Reply

I have always worked on big house projects, normal homes as they call it and it takes a lot of efforts and home owners have to spend a lot of money to renovate specially big renovations. I thought in tiny house it would be easier like a breeze but it seems this also requires lots of planning and research before a tiny house is actually renovated. Very informative.

cash for houses - January 27, 2019 Reply

Your house might be tiny, but renovating it is a huge deal.Tiny homes come with unique. Very Impressive.

Finch Constructions Townsville - February 19, 2019 Reply

I agree, whether it is a tiny home or a larger house, renovation is a huge deal. Thanks for sharing your tips, there are indeed ways you can decorate a small space and make it feel bigger. I hope you can go in-depth with the topic of creating space for tiny homes.

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Megan Connolly - October 2, 2019 Reply

Yes, before start work good planning is really so important. That’s why I am searching for tips on this topic. At the last get some fantastic tips in your blog, thanks for sharing with us. It’s really so helpful for me.

Interior Designer Blake Riley - July 4, 2020 Reply

Thanks for the awesome ideas on how to make my tiny home look bigger from inside. I think large windows and mirrors around the house along with bright white paint also helps in making it feel bigger from inside. Anyways thank you for sharing. I enjoyed reading it and got a few ideas for my home with it.

Milwaukee Siding - September 13, 2020 Reply

I feel like tiny homes and thrifty-ness go hand in hand. When you move down to tiny, you have to be creative with all your home needs. Plus a little craftiness helps too since you need to maximize every inch of the space.

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