Floating Pods

About a week ago we covered the Green Pod company based in Washington. For you floating home enthusiasts, myself included, you will be excited to know that they also offer floating homes, based from their pods. You can view the previous post here.

Greenpod has joint ventured with P & T Fabrications, Inc., the purveyors of nautical homes to produce these fine quality floating homes.


Greenpod started on a simple idea: to offer a new type of affordable and sustainable home, respectful of the environment and incorporating the works of local craftsmen. Pods are built using conventional construction methods and can be financed with a conventional home loan.

Floating pods range in size from 300 to 800 square feet.

To experience a green pod in person, stop their showroom at 236 Taylor Street, Port Townsend, WA, 98368. To learn more go to the GreenPod website.




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8 thoughts on “Floating Pods”

  1. I hope you know I’m totally geeked about these! I may need to take a roadtrip to see one in person.

    It does my heart good to know that someone out there is still making small homes in the floating home world. Too much of what I’ve seen out there could best be described as McMansions simply on the water.

    • Hey Steph if you do get up there please take lots of pictures and share them with us. I wish I lived closer and could get up there myself, I really like the looks of these…

  2. They look good for both ocean and lake placement. Cedar logs are getting so hard to obtain this type of platform looks like a great alternative. The only thing I would miss is the large deck. That is so important when living in a float cabin. – Margy

  3. Kent! I’m so glad you posted these. They look amazing! I will be up in Washington some time in the next couple of months and am definitely going to try to make it by to see their showroom.

  4. That would be great Amanda, it’s so much nicer to see them in real life, please bring us a report and pictures too…Kent


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