Sweetwater Bungalows

If you love the style and airiness of a tent or tipi, but you want something in the shape of a traditional house, a Sweetwater Bungalow might be for you.

I recently visited the Sweetwater Bungalow company near Truckee, California to view one of their exquisite little homes.

It seemed a little strange at first to be visiting a canvas home in the middle of winter in the snowy Sierras, but I was impressed by how the Bungalow retained quite a bit of the warmth from the sun. On a sunny winter’s day, the little space heater was not even needed. Also, even though the Bungalow I looked at was under a forest of pine trees, the light coming through the walls was soothing and calm.



Sweetwater Bungalows are unique tent cabin kits/portable housing kits. These bungalows combine stability and protection from a substantial wood frame with lightness and beauty from fabric walls. Together with windows and a door, a cozy bungalow is created from these tent cabin kits.

With nature in mind, the bungalow lets you experience the outdoors comfortably. A perfect place for reflection, the portable housing kit becomes the ideal yoga retreat, studio space, or backyard room for guests. Each bungalow is easy to assemble, low maintenance and terrain and climate adaptable. They were inspired by the more rustic version wall tents, wood frame tents and platform tents which are still used in many National Parks such as Yosemite.


The bungalows are available in three sizes: 10 x 12 feet, 12 x 14 feet and 14 x 20 feet. The peak height is between 9 and 11 feet and the square footage between 120 and 280 square feet. These bungalow tents provide generous open living space at a low price per square foot ($25/sq/ft). With an assortment of styles, unique features, and upgrade options to choose from.

The bungalow tents can remain simple or include modern necessities like electricity, and can be easily heated. Finely crafted and constructed, each bungalow tent kit is prefabricated and packaged for easy transport and installation. All the bungalow kits come with a one-year material and workmanship warranty. However, the platform is not included in most of the kit prices.


The Sweetwater Bungalows also include:

Shell Walls & Rain Fly

  • 10 oz white laminated polyester-vinyl
  • Durable, waterproof, flame retardant and treated to resist mildew, and fading from ultra-violet rays
  • Strong tear and tensile strength
  • Corners, ridges and eaves are reinforced with 8″ strips of hemmed vinyl
  • Seams are lock-stitched and electronically welded
  • Brass grommets

Shell Ceiling

  • 10 oz 100% duck cotton canvas
  • Canvas is lock-stitched to vinyl wall
  • Waterproof, Flame retardant and mildew resistant
  • Canvas breathes, minimizing condensation

Eave & Awning System

  • Zinc plated Steel Components
  • 4 Eave Brackets
  • 2-4 Fly Rail Brackets
  • 2 Eave Hangers
  • 2 Rain Fly Rails – 3/4″ Pipe
  • 4- 2″x 4″ Eave Rafters
  • Lag Bolts / Screws
  • 12-20 Heavy Duty Bungee Cords








By Christina Nellemann

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  1. Would like to learn more about price. Am wanting a tent house for cold weather that will accept a wood burning stove and electricity etc. Thank you in advance.

    • You need to follow the link to their webpage and find out pricing or contact them directly as this is just a post about them and their product.


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