Straw Bale - Part 3

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Straw bale Workshop Day 3

lower bales installed

Wow, another day has flown by here at the straw bale workshop at the Common Kettle Farm. We accomplished a lot even with our fearless leader Andrew Morrison being sick and only being able to check in on us every now and then. I’m physically tired but it has been a productive day. We had one layer […]

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Straw bale Workshop Day 2

hosts first bale

Day two of the workshop at the Common Kettle Farm started early for me so I took a walk around the farm. We have been having perfect weather though by afternoon it can start feeling quite warm. The bulk of our food that we are eating is grown right here on the farm. We are enjoying […]

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Straw bale Workshop Day 1


This week I am with Andrew Morrison of in Orangevale, California at a week long straw bale workshop at Common Kettle Farm. I will be giving you daily updates of our progress as we learn and progress on this timber frame straw bale barn. Though not tiny this “barn” has a 600 square foot […]

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Free Tiny House/Straw Bale Framing Report

by Gabriella Morrison Straw bale construction is a wonderful building technique. It yields walls that are 3 times more fire resistant than standard construction, 3 times the energy efficiency of conventional construction, uses a waste material that otherwise gets burned in the field and creates huge levels of pollution, is very easy to learn even […]

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