Straw Bale - Part 2

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Tiny Straw Bale Cabins

by Gabriella Morrison The options available with styles, building techniques, and materials used to create tiny houses are various (vive la différence!). Some tiny homes rest on solid foundations while others are on trailers. Some are modern in style and others more rustic. The list goes on and there is something out there for everyone. […]

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Straw bale Workshop Day 7

Andrew chainsaw

Day seven started out earlier than usual as we were ending the day a little earlier and we were loosing a couple of people who had to head home because of distance and work. We were still very much behind schedule. With Andrew being ill much of the week we had not completed as much […]

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Straw bale Workshop Day 6

installing mesh

Today is day 6 of the straw bale workshop here at Common Kettle Farm. One thing that I have discovered at this workshop is that straw bale construction takes time and there are lots of steps. If you want a completed home fast, straw bale is not the way to go. If you want a […]

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Straw Bale Workshop Day 5

roofing felt

On day five at Common Kettle Farm we had an extremely busy day. Covering all exposed wood with roofing felt, getting the cutouts ready for the electrical. Cutting out the box areas for the electrical, installing the rest of the windows. Lots of chainsaw problems. Deciding where the cutouts for the decorative niches would go. We […]

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Straw bale Workshop Day 4

straw bales all in

I’m running late with this post. I was just to warn out last night and my computer was running on fumes as well so I put off the post till this morning. Day 4 here at Common Kettle Farm. We had quite a day yesterday. Who would have thought putting in the last row of bales […]

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