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Straw bale Workshop Day 2

hosts first bale

Day two of the workshop at the Common Kettle Farm started early for me so I took a walk around the farm. We have been having perfect weather though by afternoon it can start feeling quite warm. The bulk of our food that we are eating is grown right here on the farm. We are enjoying a delicious vegan diet this week and it has been very good.

After breakfast we got busy finishing off the preparation for the first row of straw bales. Completing the nailers and adding the gravel. Then Andrew demoed the steps for the bale preparation. Trimming the ends of the bales, how to tie a short bale using a needle. Using a chainsaw to cut the notches for the timber framing.

Our hosts then put in the first cornerstone bale which is a straw bale tradition. We then all got busy by dividing into several groups and doing different functions of the process. We finished the day by completing the first round of bales around the barn structure.

Tomorrow our goal is to complete the rest of the bales at least on the first floor. We are now considered professionals with one day under our belts.

To learn more about Andrew Morrison and his straw bale workshops visit

common kettle farm

view from the garden

completing the nailers

andrew teaching bale techneque

tie the bale

marking the bale

cutting the bale

more bale preparation

tamping the bale onto the nailers

finale bale first round

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Gail M - October 2, 2013 Reply

Sweet that your neighbors came out to help…I wanted to do strawbale too, but I dont have that kind of neighbors, LOL..So I ordered a prefab little barn…..I cant wait to see your pics of the finished home…it looks really awesome! Your homestead is nice too!

Irene - October 2, 2013 Reply

Given that the fellow in the first photo looks like Daniel-Day Lewis…I think I’m gonna go to one of these workshops! 🙂

Mark - October 3, 2013 Reply

Hey, gotta question, on the corner bracing and sill plate connectors it looks like you are using hex head sheet metal screws, is that correct? Or are you using a lag screw? If you are using sheet metal screws your efforts will NOT pass INSPECTION, no matter how many you use.
Good luck with your straw bale home, I’ve been in some, seen some under construction, and they are great. They just won’t approve them in San Diego County, Ca.

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