Energy-Saving Window Film to Upgrade Your Tiny Home

Window Films

Curious about how to increase energy efficiency for your tiny home? Consider energy-saving window film! In the US alone, the average person uses 41 percent of their energy on space heating and 35 percent on lighting, electricity, and appliances. But because of their small size, tiny homes need far less energy. … Read more

Efficient Air Conditioning Tips For Tiny Homes

Small spaces can quickly get hot and stuffy! Follow these efficient suggestions to keep your tiny home cool and comfy. Living in tiny homes is quite different from traditional houses in many ways, including air conditioning. The good news is that you can achieve more with less, which means that … Read more

Can you Power a Tiny House with the Cybertruck?

Just after the reveal of the Tesla Cybertruck, Karl Gesslein knew that the futuristic looking vehicle would be the perfect solution to power his new tiny home. It was also helpful that the truck is reminiscent of his childhood dream vehicle—the DMC DeLorean. The Tesla Cybertruck can tow 14,000 pounds, … Read more

Neolith Tiny House to Travel the U.S.

Tiny houses have become one of the de rigueur ways for businesses to feature their building or design products. From wood and paint to windows and appliances, placing the products into a small space profiles a company’s work in a portable, eye-catching showcase. The Neolith Tiny House is a new concept … Read more

Tiny Mobile Home Design Ideas | Top 10 Tips

Is the open road calling your name? The Tiny House Blog is here to help you start your journey the right way with these top 10 design ideas for small mobile homes. 10. Use a composting toilet The most expensive components of a mobile home, just like a home with … Read more

How to Grow Organic Tomatoes: Top 10 Tips

Spring has arrived, and so has tomato fever! Check out these hot tips for growing the BEST wolf peaches in your neighborhood. 10. Plant your tomatoes with their friends (and away from their relatives) Tomatoes are member of the nightshade family, which includes peppers, eggplants, spuds, tobacco and petunias. Close … Read more

Best Sun Mar Composting Toilets for Tiny Homes

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  In the world of composting toilets, Sun Mar sets a standard of excellence that few other brands are able to match.  (Though if you want something without the bells and whistles, and for a whole lot less money, check this out.) The Tiny House Blog has combed through the … Read more