Spacious Tiny Home EXPANDS to 15-ft Wide

Do you want to achieve the kind of small space living that doesn’t require any comfort or storage compromises? If yes, then you will love Lindsay’s spacious tiny home. Thanks to the two slide-outs, it expands from 8.5-feet to 15-feet wide. As a result, there’s ample space for a separate ground floor bedroom and living room.

ZeroSquared is the Canadian-based builder behind this unique layout. Lindsay’s tiny house is their Aurora model. It’s chock full of storage, a functional ergonomic home office, and a roomy kitchen that’s bigger than what’s in many traditional homes. Also, her bedroom features a Murphy bed to create even more floor space for activities like yoga. Overall, she has so much available space that her belongings definitely do not fill up her house. That means there’s room to evolve over time.

Additionally, the extra width helps her meet her lifestyle goals. It also gives her cat, Tubby, an ideal lounging room, a tucked-away yet convenient litter box, and lots of windows for gazing.

“Some of my top lifestyle goals are not to be constrained by one location. Living in a typical house, if you want to move, you have to pack up the whole house, sell it or find renters, or find a new place to rent. With tiny living, I can just pack up the breakables, find somebody to haul my house and just move it to a new location.

I think the most rewarding part of about tiny living is that I can afford to live on my own. I don’t have to have roommates despite living in a place that has a pretty high cost of living.”

-Lindsay, @ermalerma & @tubby_the_tinyhousecat

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