Pre-fab - Part 2

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Arched Steel Homes from SteelMaster

There is no question that the arch is one of the strongest shapes on earth. It has been used to build everything from massive cathedrals to literal Hobbit homes for centuries. So, what if you add steel to that shape? You get an even stronger option for different types of buildings, including tiny homes. More […]

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Brette Haus Prefabricated Folding House

My name is Gennadii and I’m the founder of Brette Haus – Latvian housing startup. We design and manufacture prefabricated folding houses. This is a rare segment of transformable design and architecture. It takes under 8 weeks to manufacture and 3 hours to install it. All electric and sanitary equipment comes prefabricated. Just move in. […]

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Vermont Cottage Prefab

Vermont Cottage

Have you been looking for a cabin structure for your property? Maybe wanting something more permanent than a tiny home on wheels. You are not really into building a complete structure but it would be fun to do the finished work as you would like it. Check out Jamaica Cottage Shop’s Vermont Cottage options. This […]

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