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Backcountry Huts Offer Nordic Style Minimalism

Systemizing will take a lot of the stress and guesswork out of anything. You can systemize everything from your car and handbag to even a tiny house. Backcountry Huts builds prefab, flat-pack structures for tiny living. The Backcountry Hut Company specializes not only in systemized structures but also builds their structures to leave less of … Read more

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Wilderwise Tiny House with Lifting Roof

The Wilderwise tiny house with lifting roof was created with the hopes of solving a key pain point for tiny house on wheels design, crawl-in lofts. As a result, they developed an innovative roofing system that raises from 13-feet 3-inches to an impressive 17-feet when parked. Recently, Wilderwise unveiled their prototype full 2-story tiny house … Read more

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Living Safely in a House of Steel

When everything that has to do with real estate is off the charts, thinking way outside the proverbial square box is necessary. How about going with an arch? An arched steel building is a future home against wind and wildfires. The other night I re-watched one of my long-time favorite movies. “Wind” is a fictional … Read more

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