MicroHaus the Perfect Legal Tiny House or Rental Unit?

MicroHaus a company that is based in Seattle, Washington may have the answer to tiny addendum units that would bypass permitting as it is below 150 square feet.

The MicroHaus is a prefab building that is mobile and can be set up in an hour. It has all the modern technology built into it so it is easy to transform into a short-term rental or tiny home on your current property.

The MicroHaus are energy efficient with low operating costs. They are durable and made from eco-friendly materials that are safe for you and the environment. Back-up power, a large water tank, and our Cloud Self-Diagnosis system make each one perfectly sustainable.

With high-end finishes, designed in Europe and crafted in the USA, the interior elements are also a sign of our modern times. With the lightweight construction, this little house has quite a high price to go along with it. The base model or Lite starts and $50,000 and the Pro model is listed at $70,000. It seems like a high price for 133 square feet of living space.

Is the MicroHaus the perfect legal tiny house or rental unit?

The MicroHaus is ready to be delivered across the country and you can see if your property qualifies by completing a short questionnaire on the MicroHaus website.


Pics are actual images, not renderings.

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