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Kol Peterson and the ADU Revolution and What it Means for Tiny Homes

ADU cover photo

This week Ethan talks with Kol Peterson who has been on the frontlines of ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) development and advocacy for the last 10 years in Portland, Oregon. This discussion, however, is not limited to that area but applies to the whole United States and beyond.

Ethan and Kai talk about how ADU’s are such an incredible opportunity for solving the housing crisis.

They also discuss what is making Portland one of the most tiny house-friendly cities in the country.

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In This Episode:

  • What is the definition of ADU (and why is the kitchen important)?
  • Common ADU restrictions and barriers to building
  • Who is advocating for ADUs and why?
  • Portland, OR is officially a tiny house-friendly place!
  • What about the safety standards?
  • Could you be an ADU advocate?

Links and Resources:

Murphy bed

The Murphy bed folds down…

Murphy bed up

and also up into a desk!

the kitchen

It’s all about the kitchen: some should have them and some should not

No kitchen

The lack of kitchen in this ADU is actually a good thing

bookcase in the stairs

Cute bookcase on the stairs

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