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Breaking up Stagnant Energy with Disruption

No one really wants disruption in their lives, but it can sometimes be a blessing in disguise (sorry for the bad rhyme). Last week our lives were disrupted by a backed up kitchen sink. This turned out to be a corroded pipe that in turn became a leak, mold damage, environmental cleanup, and a complete […]

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When Decluttering and Organizing, Think Modularly

Sarah Brown

Ever since I saw a  video tour of the International Space Station years ago, I became a complete fan of the module. If you don’t already know, the ISS consists of multiple modules, or pods, that connect together. Each module performs a specific task or is used for a specific type of activity. There are […]

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10 Tips Texas Can Take Away from Tiny Housers

After suffering from an unprecedented amount of snow, plummeting temperatures, and a complete power shutdown, you can bet that many people in Texas will be looking for ways to avoid what happened last week during the hard freeze. The Texas freeze made international headlines. The independent nature of the Lone Star State is defined in […]

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