How to Build Stunning Tiny Homes

TruForm Tiny, based in Eugene, Oregon, builds stunning tiny homes, from luxury park models to more compact budget-friendly tiny houses on wheels. Co-owners Malia and Jen’s passion for their work manifests in an extensive design/build process. They also prioritize high-quality materials and construction methods. As you might imagine, that’s reflected … Read more

Modern Garage Conversion Tiny House

Have you ever considered turning a garage into a living space? Digs Co did just that. This husband and wife team created a garage conversion tiny house vacation rental. It’s a charming modern living space with quirky decor and fun features. For example, they installed netted lounge space, aka a Bird’s … Read more

Try Before you Buy a Tiny House

tiny house

Downsizing is a big step for most and dreaming about a tiny house and actually living in one is a huge step. I highly recommend that you try living in the space you see yourself in for at least two weeks. 3 Ways To Try Tiny Living Draw it Out … Read more

Kristie Wolfe’s Unique Airbnbs

Lookout airbnb

In the past ten years, Kristie Wolfe has made a name for herself as the queen of unique Airbnbs. I’ve covered her several times on the Tiny House Blog and experienced one of her unique stays: The Crystal Peak Lookout. Kristie’s Unique Airbnbs. Here is a list with links to … Read more

10 Tips Texas Can Take Away from Tiny Housers

After suffering from an unprecedented amount of snow, plummeting temperatures, and a complete power shutdown, you can bet that many people in Texas will be looking for ways to avoid what happened last week during the hard freeze. The Texas freeze made international headlines. The independent nature of the Lone … Read more

What Is Cozy Minimalism?

Cozy Minimalism

Have you heard about cozy minimalism? Do you want to learn how to incorporate this aesthetic in your own home? This article answers all your questions! For the past several years, the minimalism concept has grown into an empowering trend to help people declutter their space and lives. As with … Read more

How to Start Up and Manage a Tiny House Rental

Are you considering renting out a tiny house but looking for advice on how to startup? Keep reading to learn how to manage tiny home rental property. Demand for tiny houses is skyrocketing. This may be impacted by tough economic times. Though, recession presents an opportunity for real estate investors … Read more