Tiny House Parking: Leveling Tips

Leveling and stabilizing your tiny house is incredibly important. It really needs to be a top priority. It’s literally foundational to a stable, sane tiny living experience. Believe me, sleeping in a crooked house will slowly drive you crazy. Are you a permanent fixture in your community? Or, are you … Read more

Stuck at Home? Try Microwork for Extra Cash

Millions of people are now finding themselves either forced to work from home or have lost their jobs all together. While we all hope the “shelter in place” requests will end soon, there are some people out there who may need a little extra cash. Microwork or micro jobs pay … Read more

Maximize Your Tiny House Kitchen Storage

With a tiny house, every inch of counter space in your kitchen is important real estate. Learn how to maximize your tiny kitchen storage with these tips to help transform your kitchen into a simply serene and organized space. People who love the idea of tiny homes often have one … Read more

Building A Wood-Framed Panelized Yurt

I’ve always been a big fan of Yurts. I love the feeling of being in the round. There are many varieties out there and a new book has been released recently that I have gotten to review. It is called Building A Wood-Framed Panelized Yurt and is written by Marvin … Read more

Easy Tiny Home Security Tips

Have you heard about recent stolen tiny houses? Fortunately, most have been found. With the right preparation and tools, this awful situation can easily be avoided. Most importantly, don’t let fear keep you from pursuing your tiny house dreams! As nomadic tiny house dwellers, my boyfriend and I have parked … Read more

Tiny House Travel 101

A tiny house on wheels is a comfy ticket to adventure. Right? With the proper planning, it definitely can be. A common misconception is that all tiny house dwellers are nomads. For most, the wheels mean flexibility. You can move when need or desire arises. Some travel because of their … Read more

High Quality, Safe Designs from TinyHousePlans.com

Backed by many accumulated years of tiny house designing and building, TinyHousePlans.com should be the first stop for anyone looking to build their own tiny house. The new website was established by Gabriella and Andrew Morrison and BA Norrgard, all dedicated and well-established tiny house owners and builders who have … Read more

You Have a Microhouse. How About a Microwedding?

Most people who love tiny houses and minimalist living also don’t relish the idea of spending nearly a year’s salary on a one-day event. Yes, the average wedding in the U.S. costs close to $35,000 and that doesn’t include the honeymoon. With celebrity weddings setting the standard for regular nuptials, … Read more

Madras High School Tiny House

The Construction Engineering program at Madras High School did not exist until 2 years ago. At the time, the school had not had any vocational programs for at least 4 years. The school district approached me, a general contractor at the time, and asked if I would start the program. … Read more