They’ve lived on a Tiny Houseboat for 4 years!

Joe and CeCe live on a tiny houseboat in coastal New Hampshire. It’s been four years so far. They’re now planning on as many as five more! Initially, they wanted to build a tiny house on wheels. They switched gears when they found an affordable 1972 River Queen houseboat—just $8,500. … Read more

Unique Floating Tiny Home Lifestyle

floating cabin

Sarah and Brandon are a North Carolina-based couple living with their dog Iko in an off-grid floating cabin on Lake Fontana in the Great Smoky Mountains. They live fully off-grid with no cell service and they are only accessible by boat. They bought and fully renovated their 225-square-foot tiny home … Read more

Pax Tiny Float Home

Pax tiny house boat

The Pax was lovingly restored and renovated by Jason and Cayley over the course of a year and a half. It was one of 25 boats built in Victoria, Canada for Expo ’86 but it had fallen into disrepair. It’s now an absolutely stunning 1 bedroom home on the water! … Read more

The M250 Floating Home

M250 floating home

Houseboats are a tiny house alternative. On Water Developments based in the UK is a company redefining living on the water. Their goal is to design and place high-specification houseboats in unique places for residency, commercial or high-end tourism. Their smallest offering is the M250 floating home. Compact, sleek, refined, … Read more

Erin Carey – Living and Working Tiny from a Boat

Erin Carey has been parenting and running a business while living tiny and traveling full-time on the water, Erin lives on a boat with her family and also runs her own PR agency, a business she started after making the transition to living tiny on the water. In Ethan’s interview, … Read more

The SeaSuite Tiny House Boat

The SeaSuite was designed by Mark Philbrook to fill a gap in the boat rental market. He knew there were people who’d want to experience being on the water but lacked the skills to charter a boat. He therefore came up with the Fixed Base Bareboat Charter concept where guests … Read more

What Style of Small or Tiny Home is Right For You?

The best things come in small packages. When it comes to housing, Henry David Thoreau, a famous early tiny home enthusiast, would likely agree. His outstanding collection of essays, Walden, was a testament to the benefits of minimalist living. The book detailed his life in a 150 square foot cabin in … Read more

How I Fell in Love With the Tiny Life

I still vividly remember the day I left my apartment near San Francisco for the last time to live in a Toyota Prius. The move felt more out of necessity than adventure, a step to drastically cut my living expenses so I could finally pay off lingering debt. But I … Read more

Pros and Cons of a Tiny House Boat

The evolution of the tiny house just keeps getting better and better. Tiny houses evolved into tiny cabins, both were then available to be put on wheels — the evolution now culminating in the development of the tiny house boat. It is exactly what it sounds like: a tiny house … Read more