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Pros and Cons of a Tiny House Boat

The evolution of the tiny house just keeps getting better and better. Tiny houses evolved into tiny cabins, both were then available to be put on wheels — the evolution now culminating in the development of the tiny house boat. It is exactly what it sounds like: a tiny house that floats on water. It […]

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Portland Massage Therapist Lives Full-Time on a Sailboat

Cheryl GreatHouse is a massage therapist living in Portland, Oregon. After meeting her through a mutual acquaintance, I knew I wouldn’t be surprised that this strong lady would end up living on a sailboat named after the Maori name for “Warrior Woman.” Cheryl lives on a 1980 Morgan 38 foot sailboat on the Columbia River. […]

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Floating Tiny Houses

I’ve been doing a series to the email list about the different types of tiny houses available to you. I had a reader ask me yesterday if we had covered floating homes on the Tiny House Blog and as this was one of my future emails I decided to bring it to the front. He […]

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