Erin Carey – Living and Working Tiny from a Boat

Erin Carey has been parenting and running a business while living tiny and traveling full-time on the water, Erin lives on a boat with her family and also runs her own PR agency, a business she started after making the transition to living tiny on the water.

In Ethan’s interview, we’re going to hear her and her family’s story, learn about the headspace and some of the things Erin did to stay motivated for making this big transition.

Erin also tells us how she is able to stay productive and work from a tiny space when her family is all around, there are a lot of distractions, and she has limited alone time.

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In This Episode:

How do the kids feel about living tiny?
Living tiny changes your relationship with your family
The motto that helped them keep moving forward
Tips to keep moving toward your goal when it gets rough
How Erin started her business from the boat
Creating a private place to work with limited space
Balancing working from home, family time, and adapting to a new location
How Erin gets internet on her boat to run her business
How to approach the media to gain coverage on your tiny home

Links and Resources:
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family on the boat
Erin lives on the boat with her 3 boys and her husband.
family on shore
When they’re docked, they go ashore for lunchtime to break up the day and spend time together.
Home schooling on a boat
Erin’s husband homeschools the three young men who are almost teenagers
Kids jumping on boat
They had no sailing experience before moving into their boat
working on the boat
Erin’s husband built her this workstation so she can run her business

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