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Tiny House Documentary, ReBuilding Butte

This film follows a heartfelt tiny house building project in response to the deadliest fire in California history in 2018 – The Camp Fire – that destroyed Paradise and surrounding Butte County communities. This film is a dedication to all those who have experienced loss from a fire.

I know I personally have several friends and family members who lost their homes, church and school in this devastating fire. One friend was a pastor of a church that burned to the ground, another the principal of a school that was also destroyed. My relatives lost their home that they had built and lived in for over 60 years. Most of them are still in the process of rebuilding their lives and the community.

Tiny House Blog is all about community, so we hope you’ll be inspired by this film and its lessons. The virtual event will include guest speakers from our very own founders and editor of Tiny House Magazine, CLIF Bar, Chegg, and Tiny Homes for Fire Survivors. Ticket info below!

From Filmmaker, Amanda Lipp:

“When I first learned about Tiny Homes for Fire Survivors, I volunteered as a builder. This evolved into a two-year filmmaking journey and discovering that tiny houses have become a “tiny but mighty” solution around the world in response to major social and environmental issues we face today – like homelessness, reducing our carbon footprint, and families navigating displacement from wildfires.”

It’s the little things.

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