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Free Shed in Northern California

Jenine who has built her own tiny house regularly scours Craigslist and found this Free Shed in Lake County in Northern California. I thought I would put it out in case anyone in the area would like to put it to use as a tiny house. I have another post coming out later this morning […]

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How to Live Frugally: Lessons I Learned From My Grandparents

Following is a guest post by Tammy Stobel. My Grandparents actively practiced frugality. They both grew up in very large families and lived through the Great Depression. Saving for a rainy day and avoiding rampant consumerism was integral to their life philosophy. Rather than seeking fulfillment through material items they chose to spent quality time […]

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Joseph Sandy 350 Square Foot House Plans

Joseph Sandy who lives just 45 minutes away from me let me know that he has just put up Free plans for his 350 square foot house. Here is what he says about it: The Plan Set for the 350 sq. ft. Usonian inspired house is finished, and available for you to download. The project […]

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