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Tiny Houses for Sale in Australia: Top 5

Oh give me a home, where the kangaroos roam, and the beer-holding budgie-smugglers play… If you’re anything like me, you’ve dreamed of living out in the Australian outback with nine of the ten world’s most venomous snakes, several killer spiders, monitor lizards, saltwater crocodiles, dingos, and Tank Girl. (There’s a reason the Australian national language is […]

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10 Tiny Houses for Sale in Kentucky

Looking for a small home in the Bluegrass State? Check out these ten tiny houses available for sale right now! 10. The Rustic Cabin Price: $17,000 Square Footage: 500 Location: Verona Everyone loves a good deal, and you’ll be a long time looking before you find one better than this. The interior walls need some […]

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10 Tiny Houses for Sale in Alabama

Ready to downsize in the Heart of Dixie? Good, because we have ten wonderful tiny houses for you to consider in the Yellowhammer State. 10. The Woodlover’s Dream THOW Price: $24,500 Square Footage: 128 Location: Pinson Trimmed inside and outside with beautifully finished cedar, this tiny house on wheels is perfect for anyone who loves […]

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