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Floor Plans for Tiny Houses on Wheels | Top 5 Design Sources

Looking for the best floor plans for your own tiny house on wheels? The Tiny House Blog has done all the research so you don’t have to!

Whether you want to build your small mobile home yourself from the chasse up, or you’d rather hire the pros to do it for you, any of these floor plans will start you on the road to lifestyle freedom – tiny house style.  (While you’re brainstorming about the tiny mobile home of your dreams, check out these ten life hacks for small home living.)

5. Rich’s Portable Cabins

After the Oregon timber industry tanked in the 1990s, Rich and his crew set about building a new business, by building tiny homes for people like us!

If you’re not up for constructing your own tiny home one stick at a time, these folks will be glad to do it for you. (Actually, unless you’re an experienced contractor, AND you have tons of savings packed away to quit your day job for a couple years, it’s probably best that you don’t go the DIY route…)

They have a wide range of different models to choose from, including a category they call park models, all of which fall under 400 square feet – well into tiny house territory. If you’re interested in learning more or you want to inquire about pricing, jot them an email.  They also have a YouTube Channel, where you get a good sense of what their houses are like on this inside.

4. TinyHouseDesign.com

For all the pioneering, self-sufficient tiny mobile home enthusiasts, TinyHouseDesign.com has a variety of plans available – for just $29!

Their plans range between 12 and 28 feet in length, and they’re well rendered and easy to understand, which will cut down on your learning curve if you’re a first time builder.

3. The DIY Teardrop Camper

If you’re looking for something accessible and inexpensive, then the DIY teardrop camper could be perfect for you. One trip to your local home supply store for materials and rented tools, and you could be on your way to a life of adventure on the open road.

This article explains how to design and build your own simple teardrop camper step by step, with detailed pictures.

2. TinyHomeBuilders.com

TinyHomeBuilders.com founder, Dan, started his business when his mother needed a home she could afford. He built her a little mobile home for less than the cost of a car, and kept doing it for others who wants to experience the nomadic way of life in a tiny house of their own. (They even donate a portion of their time and money to local charities.)

They have a variety of plans available to choose from, and if you live on the west coast, you might consider attending one of their DIY workshops. If Florida is too far for a road trip, you might consider signing up for their eCourse.

1. TumbleweedHouses.com

Unless you just heard about tiny houses for the first time this morning, you’re probably already familiar with the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company.

In addition to a slew of plans to choose from, ranging between 117 and 172 square feet in size, they offer a variety of instructional DVDs, free online resources, and workshops for those who want to build a home of their own. They’ll even draw up a custom design to your specifications. (My neighbors Lucas and Brooke attended one of their workshops in Colorado, and said it was fantastic!)

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Frank - May 25, 2016 Reply

I’m envious. Seems like every time I come back to your website you have a new interesting thing for me to read. How do you stay so motivated? Do you research all of these posts before posting?

    Tereasa Vanlith - November 12, 2019 Reply

    This is a nice comparison of box graters, and I’m glad you also included some 6-sided models (I didn’t even know they existed), as well as box sets. I am about ready to replace my basic model, and I will buy one that grips the counter or whatever else I put it on, since I’m tired of mine slipping. I think the box sets are interesting, since I don’t have a mandolin, and I also think being able to put them in a drawer is helpful, but I’m pretty clumsy, so these could get dangerous.

Matilda Palmer - September 9, 2016 Reply

I like what I see thanks

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George - April 30, 2017 Reply

Good choice! I always wanted to have a mobile home.

Mccarthy B. - June 14, 2018 Reply

Great sources!

I likes to have a tiny house on wheels for my family!

My children are interesting in natural life !


Joy Butler - July 23, 2018 Reply

Oh my, these tiny houses on wheels are so cute! I love the designs of each, really. I am going to send this link to my brother as he might consider of having one. He needs to move to a new place where his job is located.

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Ron Booker - October 21, 2019 Reply

I found it interesting that you said that you can get a custom design for your specification of a tiny home. One of my kids wants us to get a tiny home in wheels for him. I’m going to talk to my wife about it, thank you for helping me learn more about the sq feet in size.

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